Today, I march.

faith / Friday, January 22nd, 2010

This day, I offer up all of my steps for women. For the women of this world who have been made so beautifully and wonderfully. Today my steps are my prayers of healing for women whose hearts have been filled with pain. I pray for the women who are trying to be brave but are barely getting by. I pray, Lord, for all the women yearning for love, joy, and peace. I pray for all grandmothers, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, and best friends.

I pray for all the sweet babies born into this world today. For children born into unloving and broken families, and especially for all the specially-blessed ones whom some are afraid of because of their unique qualities or genetic abnormalities. I pray today for babies whose lives are shortened unexpectedly through miscarriage, premature birth, or by a deliberate medical termination. I pray for these sweet babies-so eager to share the love overflowing from their hearts.

I pray for men. Men who have forgotten what it means to be a man. I pray for the men who have become cowards, capable yet unwilling to protect and defend their bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh. As I march today, I pray that men will remember who they are and what their jobs are. I hope they will look at women and see them as the image and likeness of God. Difficultly, I pray for the men who have nothing but repulsive lust in their hearts.

In my heart of prayers, I ask God to guide our lawmakers, doctors, nurses, and all medical professionals. Help them to see the lives that exist behind all their money and power. I pray that people, on all sides of this issue, will be filled with compassion. Purge our hearts of hate and scorn. Let our hearts be joined for the sake of that which is most sacred to us all-our humanity.

3 Replies to “Today, I march.”

  1. A beautifull prayer to read as I start my day. I was thinking about the March for Life. Thank you for reminding me that men need our prayers too. A beautiful painting to go with your post.

    1. Thanks Michelle and Angela. It’s really great to know there are so many others ‘marching’ together today. Angela, honestly this prayer poured out of me and brought tears to my own eyes! There are so many hurting and in need of God’s grace and the compassion of others. It’s the only way it will end peacefully.
      Michelle, I honestly didn’t have time to scan my own artwork in so found that painting through google search and just loved it.

  2. Thank you – this is beautiful. You’re blogs/prayers are a wonderful reminder and start to my day. I’m amazed at how pertinent they seem to be for my life and situations. This brought tears to my eyes, and helped me appreciate, rather than complain about, the struggles I am having. Bless you and thank you!

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