Life after Lent

faith / Friday, April 9th, 2010

After a beautiful Easter liturgy, a scrumptiously satisfying family meal, and a hunt for eggs full of melting candy, we came home and enjoyed a peaceful and joyful afternoon, just the five of us.

We spent time together outside listening to the sounds of the birds in the trees and just relaxing in the warmth of the beautiful Easter day. After some play, I decided it was time to get rid of the weeds that had taken over our garden boxes. So I got out my garden bucket, put on my gloves, and set out a blanket with toys for the baby and got to work. Pretty soon my daughter and son came over and asked if they could help. So I helped them get their gloves on and set out some garden tools so they could ‘help’. Soon my husband returned from the store and joined us in the weed-pulling fun.

There we all were in the yard picking out weeds from the garden boxes, the weather was perfect, and the joy of the Easter Sunday filled our souls. As we pulled out the weeds and started to see clean soil again, it helped me understand the passage from Lent to Easter.

During Lent we focus on sacrifice that is challenging as a reminder of the passion that Jesus endured for the sake of us who He loves. We recognize the weeds that we’ve let fill and takeover our souls and begin the work of removing them. His path to His death lead to the joy of Heaven’s gates open for us all. This motivated and strengthened him but did not necessarily make it easier to endure.

Easter is a time to celebrate the result of the work. There is now room in the ‘clean soil’ of our souls to plant new seeds of hope. Sure, those weeds will continue to grow around us and try to take over again but it’s just a matter of continuously picking out the weeds and helping our souls grow closer to God. Easter Sunday was a true day of joy for all but the world didn’t end that day and still hasn’t. We continue on our journey through life in hopes of arriving to God’s everlasting perfect kingdom.

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