The Grocery Store Tooth Fairy

Comic Relief / Monday, April 25th, 2011

My seven-year old daughter has lost 4 teeth now and each tooth has come out with a funny story attached. 4 year old brother knocked out the first one when he slid down the slide and his foot ran into her mouth at the bottom (don’t ask me why she was there) and knocked out her already-loose tooth. The second one she lost when we were at the art museum after she chomped down on a hard sugar cookie. It’s probably in a display case in the anthropology wing now if she didn’t swallow it. The third one was relatively uneventful but still exciting because her daddy got to pull it out for her. And the fourth one had been hanging literally by one little root for about a week until her other brother decided to poke it while we were inspecting the produce at the grocery store a few days ago. My friend, Amy, suggested I make a comic about the story after I told her about it and I started to but then my daughter took over and I think she did a better job than I would have anyway. So here you go…

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