Chicken Tomato Alfredo and “Bakboo!” baby

Food / Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

I made this last week and was rather impressed with myself. This doesn’t happen all that often so I will shamelessly admit it. Only problem is that I don’t remember exactly how it happened but I’ll try my best to remember the basic recipe.

Egg noodles, cut up chicken pieces, cut up chunks of tomato, roasted minced garlic, salt, oil/butter, Classico Alfredo Sauce . Oh, and can’t forget the magical Sauvignon Blanc Wine! I cooked the noodles and fried the chicken in oil..or was it butter? I also added salt and minced garlic while it cooked and would have done onions or scallions but didn’t have any. Then this is where a black hole in my memory occurred. I think I left the chicken in and added maybe 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of the wine into the pan and let it simmer with the chicken for a bit. Then I added the tomato chunks and the alfredo sauce. I know I didn’t need the wine sauce if I also used the alfredo sauce (I could have just made my own cream sauce but the heavy cream I had was expired) but I had the alfredo sauce and the wine and just really wanted an excuse to cook with wine. And it was fantastically delicious! Chicken Alfredo happens to be one of my most favorite meals and eating it made me happy. The kids liked it, “Oh, mama! This is so yummy!” Creamy pasta dishes and chicken are not my husband’s favorite but he gave me a “It’s pretty good” so I’ll take that.

And we got to enjoy the leftover wine while we ate.

In other news, the baby, (soon to be 19 months!) really likes playing hide-n-seek lately.

Now you see him…

Where’d he go?

Here he is!

Where’re you going, baby?

Where’s, baby?


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