More awesome astro pictures

Photography / Sunday, February 26th, 2012

NEX-5 mounted on C8-SGT
This is what my husband’s set up looks like.

Zodiacal Light
Zodiacal Light with Venus & Jupiter

Milky Way
Milky Way

M101,M51 135mm 8min 4frames ISO800-1
Tip of Big Dipper Handle and Pinwheel and Whirlpool Galaxies (can you see them?)


Saturn (or as my daughter says, “Satoren”)

Jupiter, Venus, Moon over Zenda
Jupiter, Venus, Moon

M13 Hercules Cluster 135mm cropped
Hercules Globular Star Cluster (I like saying the word “globular”.)

M101 9.5min 6frames ISO1600,3200 from Feb21,Feb24-1-5
Pinwheel Galaxy

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  1. So Steve, as I was walking down to get the mail the other night about 9pm and looked out to the west, what were the two planet-like looking things that I saw to the side of my neighbor’s house?

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