A story about a pregnant woman’s water spilling at the grocery store

Random / Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

So here’s a funny story for you on this fine Wednesday afternoon:

I was at the grocery store check out line the other day getting all the bags packed away in the cart. My purse was on the child’s seat (for once unoccupied by a child!) so I moved it and hung it over my shoulder to make room for more bags. Shortly after this, while I was waiting to pay, I started feeling little wet splashes on my legs. Confused, I looked down and saw small puddles of water on the floor by my feet. I turned around a bit to see if there was something leaking from somewhere but couldn’t see anything. Then, I started feeling little trickles of water going down my legs and I was now very confused. “Hmm,” I thought, “It’s not time for my water to break yet…?”

I swung around a bit more to see where in the world this water was coming from and realized it was leaking from my purse! My bottle of water inside must have opened somehow and was now leaking down my back and splashing on my legs and feet on the floor! Happy to have solved the mystery I said, out loud, “Oh! It’s my water!”

I realized too late how this might sound coming from a pregnant woman (who according to most strangers’ looks like I’m “ready to pop” already). I looked at the woman in line next to me and her eyes were wide and terrified. “No!’ I reassured her quickly, “It’s my water bottle in my purse, it’s leaking!” Slowly her eyes returned to normal and the veins in her face went back under her skin, hopefully her blood pressure returned to normal as well. I apologized for scaring her and the cashier looked relieved too and said she was about ready to call 911 but I assured her that wouldn’t be necessary.

They helped me clean up the floor and as soon as my bags were all packed up I scooted out of there, hiding my blushing face and chuckling to myself as I thought about that poor lady’s look of panic. I’m not sure I want to imagine what she would have done had it been my amniotic fluid breaking instead of just my water bottle leaking.

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