Joyful Friday

Random / Friday, June 8th, 2012

Sunrise over wheat field

Inspired by my friend, Erin, I’m taking time today to remember and appreciate the joy in my life.

My husband; laughing, crying, talking, being together.

My children; hearing and watching them laugh together.

My five-year-old; his affectionate hugs.

My two-year-old; when he kisses the baby on my tummy.

My eight-year-old; her freckles, her missing-and-loose-teeth smiles, and her bubbly energy.

The baby; how he swirls around, pushes, and pokes me from within.

Friends; sharing our thoughts, frustrations, joys, faith, and life together.

Knitting; a fresh ball of beautiful yarn.

Sketching/painting; a piece of blank paper and a sharpened pencil or a paintbrush dipped in paint, poised and ready to create something new.

Writing/journaling/blogging; letting my thoughts cascade and flow into a deep river.

Reading; greedily devouring information or delving into an imaginative world alone or with the kids.

Watching my kids read; watching them discover and imagine something beyond themselves.

Nature Walks; silently breathing in God’s glorious creation.

Wheatfields & sunsets; God’s peace wrapping around my soul.


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