Positive birth-talk

motherhood / Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

My body knows.

My baby’s body knows.

God made my body for this; I can do this.

My body will go into labor, I will not stay pregnant forever.

Though I am “really low”, pendulous even, my baby will come out just fine.

He will not get stuck.

I will not die.

He will not die.

My husband will be my strength, my peace, my calm, my confidence.

My children will be fine, even if they are running around crazy while I’m trying to give birth.

It may not be “glamorous”, it will be what it is. It will be beautiful.

I will surrender.

I will accept.

Everything will be just fine.

I will remember to breathe.

I will dance and sway and rock as needed.

I will cry, laugh, scream, moan…quack, moo, or whinny if needed.

Soon, I’ll hold my baby; my son.

I’ll kiss him.

I’ll smell him.

We’ll nurse each other.

I’ll love him, as I already do.

I will not panic with the after-pains.

My placenta will come out, I will let go.

I can do this…I We can do this.



12 Replies to “Positive birth-talk”

  1. The quack/moo/whinny part made me smile 🙂

    The thing I repeated over and over was “George is strong, I am strong.”

  2. So needed to hear this!!! Our “due date” is Saturday. Our first child, so I’m nervous, excited, emotional, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. can i “like” everyone else’s comments. i wish i had some encouraging morsel for you. tonight my prayers are with you and for you.

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