Daughter’s bedroom makeover

Around the House / Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Finally, pictures of my daughter’s bedroom makeover! Thanks to everyone who helped bring it all together, especially her grandma – seamstress extraordinaire!

(You can tell I’m having fun playing around with Pixlr)

She loves her reading nook! (Something I dreamed of as a little girl is now hers!)

Custom window valance & faux white wooden blinds (from Lowe’s)

Blue comforter and purple blanket from Target, pillows: custom!

The cool light switch cover is courtesy of her aunt (my little ‘sis) and the beautiful Mary painting, which was in my room long time ago, is by my aunt Christi.

That shelf used to be in my bedroom when I was a little girl. It is now a great place to put her special things out of reach from her very curious little brothers! Grandma also gave her that clock that she colored and the cute white table/chairs are from my parents.

She was gifted with this blue and green flower wall deco (from Hobby Lobby) for Christmas. We used them to make an art line:

Lastly, my daugther sewed these 3 stuffed animals with her grandma during their ‘sewing time’ together. She made the elephant for the baby, the kitty for her 6-year-old brother, and the little doggie for the 3 year-old.

11 Replies to “Daughter’s bedroom makeover”

  1. Oh! This is incredible! Seriously. I loooove the reading nook at the window. And all the fun prints. I bet A is just in love. I want *her* to show it to me sometime, so I can see her excitement.

  2. Looks great! I love the art line 🙂 I’m STILL working to finish up my kids’ rooms since Abby was born! By the time I get them picture-worthy, it will be time to get bigger beds for the girls (Emily is STILL in a toddler bed!)

  3. So great, I’d love to see it in person as well!!
    It really looks nice.
    Seeing the shelf from when you were a little girl reminded me that I have a shelf from my room as a child my grandpa made. I may have to paint it and use it for my kids at some point. Thanks for the inspiration! It looks so great, I am sure you are both just thrilled with it!! So fun.

    1. I will tell her. She was so sad Issy wasn’t home today, I almost cried with her. I showed her your slideshow and that seemed to perk her up a bit. Yes, we’ve had that picture for a while, but she’s so cute!

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