Mango Tilapia Salad Rolls

Food, Random, Tasty Tuesday / Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Here’s a nice-n-easy Lenten meal: Mango Tilapia Salad Rolls.

What you need:

Kroger frozen tilapia fillets

Mango (fresh, frozen, canned, whatever). You can also use canned mandarins or peaches (which is actually what I used in this picture)

Salt and Pepper


Salad (I got the pre-packaged Romaine lettuce with carrots and red onions)

Optional: Tomato chunks, avocado, etc.

Thaw fillets according to package directions. Then fry them in some oil in a skillet for about 5 – 10 minutes or so until cooked through and break them up as you cook them. Season with salt/pepper to taste. You can also add a wee bit of lemon juice if you’d like.

Scoop the cooked fillet pieces into a bowl. Add the Mango (or other fruit of your choice/availability)

Then you can make your rolls. I like to warm my tortilla up a bit and then lay down some salad first followed by the tilapia/fruit mix. Then, wrap your tortilla over it all and voilĂ . Eat and enjoy!

This is a very adjustable and easy recipe that even my ‘particular’ eaters like.


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