Why I believe God exists

faith, I believe / Friday, March 8th, 2013

Perhaps you noticed (or not) that I took a little break from the I believe posts I’d been writing.

Before I continue on that, I’m going to hop onto a little side trail for a bit, and expand on why I believe in God; how I know He is real and loves me and YOU.

While I’ll always have a strong faith in my heart, I find it’s important to sharpen the intellectual part of my faith as well.

I’ve been reading (very slowly) through Peter Kreeft’s A Shorter Summa: The Essential Philosophical Passages of Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica . It’s heavy reading but has been a good brain exercise. I appreciate that St. Thomas and so many others along the way, stopped and gave such deep thought and time to really reflect on why we believe in God. It’s not just because someone told us He exists. A true faith has to be more than that. I’ve found that many of his proofs of God are similar to my own thoughts about why I believe God exists. You can read summaries of these proofs by Peter Kreeft here.

When I go into deep thinking about why I believe God exists, here are my main reasons why:


I’ll go into more detail for each of those in separate posts. My purpose for sharing this here isn’t self-seeking or arrogant. I do not pretend I know everything and others are dumb or wrong; I’m just a simple person, I know very little. I’m not even doing it to try and convert or change anyone. In fact, I heartily welcome a healthy and civil conversation about this, even from those who may disagree. I’m sharing it freely for the same reason a museum showcases a beautiful work of art; I too have discovered a Masterpiece that I’d like to share for all the world to see and know.

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