Out of THIS Moment [with young children]

motherhood, parenting / Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Life with young children is hard.

: Fact.

I have yet to meet a parent who disagrees.

I’ve read many a blog post by sleep-deprived moms (and dads!) affirming this.

I’ve written many a blog post confirming this.


and over.

We all get it. Life with young kids is stressful. It’s headache inducing. It’s yelling and screaming and shoe-throwing-door-slamming-lion-roaring-fire-breathing-dragon-pain-in-the-buttom-can’t-go-any-longer-like this–must-have-sleep-sobbing-into-my-pillow-every-night hard.


I know I’m not supposed to say this.

I’ll get thrown into the lion pit for this.

Someone might even throw a shoe at me.

But I’m going to say it anyway.

Life with young kids is precious.

: Fact.

I know I’m not supposed to talk about how much I’ll miss this one day.

But the truth is,

I will.

True, I will not miss the pit-of-despair-how-will-I-ever-survive-this-little-people-are-taking-over-my-life moments.

But, I will miss this.

Right now, I am ‘in it’. I’m in this.


But I won’t be in this moment forever. I have to remember that and think

Out of the Moment.

To the past…

When I saw the II pink lines and my heart leaped for joy.

When I held each squishy slippery baby and looked into her or his eyes and fell

In love

Nursing, cuddling, connecting

To the good times gone by.

To what is yet to come,

Our ‘young children’ will one day be


They won’t want us to be with them every.single.second of the day.

They won’t want us

at all.

[Except for food. That will probably never change.

And money. If we have any left.]

They won’t need us

one day

Like they do now for every.single.stinking.thing.

Our houses will be clean

quiet and


We will be finally have time


It will be nice in many ways.

But, I will miss it also.

Right now; THIS IS HARD.

: Fact.

But, outside of this moment

This time will pass away, it will be gone.

We’ll have our battle wounds to remind us of this time

We’ll have memories


and bad.

But this time now with our young children

Will not last forever

Out of THIS Moment.

5 Replies to “Out of THIS Moment [with young children]”

  1. So true. I think having some “olders” and some “littles” has given me a bit more perspective about just how precious it all is. Yep, it’s hard. But they will only be little and squishy and chubby for a small time. I don’t think I could have appreciated a post like this a few years ago though. I just wasn’t there yet, and that’s okay. It’s so good to find the joy, knowing that it too will pass.

    1. You’re right Jackie. And I couldn’t have written a post like this a few years ago. A quick check on previous blog posts would confirm this. I also probably couldn’t write something like this if I was in a bad mood. 🙂
      It’s hard when you are stuck in the moments like that – but the only way to survive is to remember it will not last forever.

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