Winter. Spring! Winter. Spring!! Winter??? {in pictures}

Nature, Photography, Random / Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Wow, what am amazing force the weather and nature is. Constantly unpredictable.

To go from this one day…

To this in less than 24 hours…

My poor pear blossoms 🙁

Our poor trees 🙁 I’ve seen a lot of trees down throughout the neighborhood. So far ours are staying up – barely.

They look more like willow pear trees now. I wish I could give them a blanket and hold their limbs up for them.

I like how it looks on this one…

These poor bushes were already half-dead.

Crunchy frosty grass…

Sigh. Oh well, we only have to wait a few days and it will be Spring! again.

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