Peppered Sausage & Basil Omelette

Food, Tasty Tuesday / Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

For my return from my Tasty Tuesday sabbatical, here’s the delicious Peppered Sausage & Basil Omelette I made for dinner the other night {and had for breakfast the next morning}.

Peppered Sausage Omelette

I’m not an expert cook by any means, I’m not even an amateur. So I can’t tell you exactly how to make this, but I’ll tell you what I put in it and assume others are way more talented than me when it comes to knowing the right pan and temperature for the ‘perfect omelette’. Or ask Martha – she knows everything about everything. It’s appropriate my mom shares her name.

Peppered Sausage Omelette Prep

Ingredients for mine:

I actually used 5-6 eggs for this {I love eggs and planned on making enough to have leftover} You can use less eggs for a thinner one-person serving

I sprinkled in some garlic and onion powder, basil, and salt and pepper to taste

chopped peppers

Sliced and diced sausage {I used a pre-cooked German sausage from the local butcher’s}

Shredded cheese {optional}


1. Start heating pan and then add some oil in it. (maybe 1/2 TB?)

2. Crack eggs into a mixing bowl.

3. Add seasonings.

4. Gently whisk eggs with a fork {Try not to over mix}

5. Making sure oil is ready but not too hot, pour eggs into pan.

6. I let it sit there a little bit before adding the other ingredients. You don’t want the eggs to burn or start bubbling though.

7. After like 30 seconds or so, add in your chopped peppers and sausage {and cheese}.

8. I don’t shake the pan around or anything like Martha does, I just kind of let it cook a bit and then use my spatula to fold one side over the other, let it cook, then turn it and let it cook on that side, then flip again. I just keep flipping it back and forth a few times until it is cooked to my satisfaction – not too runny, not too dry. {It’s different every time I make it depending on who is yanking on my leg or screaming or if I start cleaning the dishes and forget what’s on the stove.}

9. Then I flip it onto a plate and immediately proceed to gobble it up. {Sometimes I’ll add some salsa or ketchup}

{Tip: I made this same omelette for my husband sans the peppers – it’s a texture thing for him}


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