CHOOSE to Respond with Love {Five-Minute Friday}

Random / Friday, February 28th, 2014

Five-Minute Friday word:  CHOOSE


So much of life, what happens to us, what we allow to happen, is about what we choose

Even when things happen that we have absolutely no control over, we still have to choose how we react to it. 

Someone somewhere said something like, 

It’s not so much about what happens to us, but how we choose to react and respond to it that makes the real difference. 

I think that’s really such a true statement, and I can/should apply it to my life as a wife, mother, woman, etc. 

Each day, I can choose –

To get out of my warm and comfy bed with joy and gratitude for a new day, another chance, an opportunity to receive God’s blessings He has planned for the day.

I can choose to pour out that Love and blessings to those around me – first and foremost to my husband and the children our love has born through God’s infinite generosity. 

I can choose to help the kids with breakfast, lunch-making, getting everything ready for school, etc so that the morning rush doesn’t break us before we’ve even had a chance. 

I can choose to pause and take a deep breath before responding sarcastically to my sassing-talk-backing-argumentative-always-has-to-be-right-mirror of myself child.

I can choose to calmly talk to my child about when he did this or didn’t do that instead of blowing up in his face. 

I can choose to make the extra effort to stall the baby’s nap and rearrange “my schedule” or plans to have lunch with my daughter who has been practically begging me to come have lunch with her at school for weeks. 

I can choose to take a trip to visit the homebound even though it’s out of my comfort zone. 

I can choose to be grateful for my life as a wife and “stay-at-home” mom instead of throwing myself a pity party or trying to make my husband pity me when he gets home. 

I can choose to listen to others instead of thinking only about what’s going on in my head all the time. 

And…I can choose to be done with this post since the timer went off 3 minutes ago… 😉


4 Replies to “CHOOSE to Respond with Love {Five-Minute Friday}”

  1. Knew my visit with you would be filled with the joy of the Lord! What a blessing you are to your family; in turn, to the world! The daily practices YOU CHOOSE set so much love in action. Bless you, dear Erika.

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