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Monday, February 24, 

Praying about – A friend from our parish who is an amazing woman, wife, and mother of 10 children. She’s been battling breast cancer and received results this weekend that show she has chemo-induced leukemia. 🙁 🙁 They didn’t give her very high “survival” odds but they are still going to do everything they can to fight this. She’ll have to spend a lot of time in the hospital and endure rigorous treatment and much time away from her family. She is one of the toughest women I know but even the tough ones can be scared. So please, whenever you think of it, keep her and her husband and children in your prayers – for healing and peace and strength to carry and embrace this cross. 

Thinking about – It’s hard to think of much else beside my friend…it makes me think about all those who are suffering and how even though my sufferings are comparatively “small” I can still offer them up for those who have heavier crosses. I’ve also been doing more thinking about “evangelization” and how to stand up for Truth without hurting others in the process – a tricky balance.

Bringing me Joy – A nature walk on a random 70 degree February Saturday afternoon, playing Wii games with the the four-year-old instead of other not-as-important to-do’s, cuddling my baby in his warm towel after a bath, not  falling asleep cuddling with my husband, listening to my 7-year old read to his brother, having honest conversations with my growing daughter (sigh – does she have to grow up?), car-ride talks with my husband while I had to take him to and from work this past week, confession and Mass and so many, many other little joys scattered throughout my days.

Reading – A few different things at a time as usual:

I’m almost done with Robopocalypse .

I feel like such a nerd even typing that out. Yes, I’m reading a sci-fi book and am enjoying it! For some reason though I’m losing steam with it as it gets to the end and really just need to stay up late and finish it here soon. 

The Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium by Pope Francis  – we are reading this for my parish Reading Forum and I’m SO glad or I might not have read it. I was avoiding it because I thought it might be hard to read but it’s surprisingly “easy” to read – though it’s still a lot to think about – which I love! I firmly believe the Spirit chose this pope for a reason. Reading this exhortation really does fill me with joy and excitement for the Gospel – Christ’s love for us and how we can in turn love him and others back. I’ve already highlighted basically every sentence. 🙂

A Saint Among Us: Remembering Father Emil J. Kapaun  – I’ve been reading a lot about Fr. Kapaun in the past few months for a little project I’m working on. I saw this book in the kids’ school library and am really enjoying it. This man really was a Servant of God – in the most extreme of circumstances. Reading about Fr. Kapaun is profoundly affecting me. If you’ve never read or heard of him I highly suggest it. 

Catholic Family Fun  by Sarah Reindhard – I received this for another review (thanks Sarah!). I’ve only just opened it but so far it looks like it will be full of fun and simple ideas for “Catholic Family Fun”. I’ll share the full review once I’m done!


The New World  – another Terrance Malick art piece on film. There’s so much to like about this movie but again, you have to be in the right mood (and enough energy) to enjoy it. We actually split it into two nights since it’s on the longer side. I might talk about it more later but my husband and I gave it a 4 – not the masterpiece that The Tree Of Life  is but it’s still beautifully and very tastefully done.  It gave me a lot to think about and my husband and I were talking about it for a few days so I’d say it’s worth watching if you enjoy deep-thinking movies like we do. That’s all I’ll say about it for now. 

Far From Home – The Adventures Of Yellow Dog  – we re-watched this with the family a few weekends ago. A few years ago my dad (I think?) got this in a cereal box or something like that and asked if we wanted it. We’d never heard of it but thought we might as well try it and it’s really a great movie! The whole family – down to the 18 month old – enjoyed it. It’s a wonderful adventure and survival story about a boy and his dog so of course it’s going to be good. After watching this it reminded me how important it is to teach our children not only how to avoid getting into hard situations but – even more importantly – how to survive them when it happens. If you are looking for a good family movie I’d definitely recommend this one. (I think there might be one slip of a mildly bad word but it’s hardly noticeable. And there is also a very innocent and mild adolescent kiss but nothing to cause more than an “ewwwww” from the kids.)

Well I’m out of typing and thinking power and that’s probably about all the reading you can handle so I’ll leave you with one of the many great quotes from all The Joy of the Gospel for now. Enjoy your weeks!

Before all else, the Gospel invites us to respond to the God of love who saves us, to see God in others, and to go forth from ourselves to seek the good of others. Under no circumstance can this invitation be obscured! All of the virtues are at the service of this response of love. If this invitation does not radiate forcefully and attractively, the edifice of the Church’s moral teaching risks becoming a house of cards, and this is our greatest risk. It would mean that it is not the Gospel which is being preached, but certain doctrinal or moral points based on specific ideological options. The message will run the risk of losing its freshness and will cease to have “the fragrance of the Gospel.

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  1. I hope you never get rid of this feature on your blog. I’ve thought about copying the format, it is such a great way of sharing what you’re going through and what culture and ideas are swirling in your head. I will have to add Far From Home to next year’s Family Movie Night season. And I’m glad you’re letting your nerd flag fly with ROBOPOCALYPSE! I agree that the end lost steam and lacked the strength of storytelling the rest of the book had. I love all your Bringing Joy moments and am praying for your friend as I click Post Comment. Peace, dear friend.
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