Ultimate Kids’ Messes {Five Favorites}

Random / Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Need a good laugh? The other day I came across these “Kids Caught Red-Handed” and the 40 Ways Kids Literally Ruin Everything Good In This World (but we still love them!). Those pictures were the best therapy after a long day of dealing with my own little hoodlums. After seeing these pictures I felt better knowing my kids aren’t the only crazy irrational little monkeys lurking around. I thought this would be a good day to join back with with Hallie’s Five Favorite’s. I’m sure a few of you could relate to some of these messy situations. Here are my 

5 Favorite Kids Caught Red-Handed Pictures: 

This is actually pretty clever.
His reaction is the best.
This could be any of my kids.
Ohhhhhhh man. That would stink.

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