Summer Fun Ideas For Kids {Five Favorites}

5 Favorites, For the Kids, my kids are driving me crazy! / Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Happy Wednesday! I’m joining up with Hallie Moxie Wife’s Five Favorites today to share –

 Five Favorite Summer Fun Ideas for Kids to beat the Boredom Monster 

1.  The Boredom Buster Jar by The Better Mom {With Free Downloads}

I love this idea!

2. The “B.O.R.E.D” Checklist from Simple As That 

Downloadable Printable of this at her site
Click for a Free Printable Download


3. 100 Fun Summer Ideas for the Whole Family by Mommy Bear Media

4. Fun Summer Service Ideas from Pennies of Time – Teaching Kids to Serve

Since “being entertained” isn’t the only thing our kids should think about, right?

 5. Summer “Schedule” from Full Plate Living

While summer is a nice  time to relax and enjoy the “non-schedule” time, I still find it helpful to stick to a “routine” of some sort. Here is an example of a basic summer schedule to build on or refer to.   

Those are some of my favorite ideas I found via Pinterest. How about you?

Do you have any tried and true boredom busters?

Be sure to head over to Hallie’s for more fun Five Favorites this week!

4 Replies to “Summer Fun Ideas For Kids {Five Favorites}”

  1. Thanks for sharing my sample summer schedule! These are all good ideas…I really like the boredom buster jar. I’ll be adding that to my whine-snuffing arsenal. Summer: so-far, so-good!

    1. Hey Kelly – thanks for stopping by and for sharing your sample summer schedule! I love it’s simplicity. Yes, that boredom buster jar is a great idea. I plan on sending them to “the jar” when they complain about “being bored”. 😉

    1. Thanks, Sheila! Yeah I think I would go crazy – and bring my children with me – if I tried to make us all adhere to a classroom-like schedule. But I am thankful for some routines to give us some direction to the day.

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