Dear Mom, You’re Not Doing it Wrong

motherhood / Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Dear Mom,

You’re not doing it wrong.

Others might make you feel like you are doing everything all wrong.

Don’t listen.

You’re doing just fine.

This is your baby. These are your children.

You love them. And that’s what matters.

It matters more than what you feed them, how you clothe them, what they look like – what you look like.

To them – your babies – you are perfect.

And that matters more.

Than where you take them, what you do with them, who they play with, where, what, and how they learn.

You’re not doing it wrong.

When you kiss their sweet smooth skin, whisper your love into their perfectly molded ears to amplify your voice – letting it resonate throughout their whole body, down deep into their forever soul.

You’re not doing it wrong.

When you cradle them in your secure arms, hold their hands in yours, run your fingers through their soft fine hair.

You’re not doing it wrong.

When you pile them all in the car, go for a ride everywhere…nowhere. Crank up the music, dance till you all drop in a pile on the floor, laugh so hard your tummies ache, and you all pee your pants.

You’re not doing it wrong.

When you listen to them, hear their needs, sorrows, dreams, aspirations…the “what ifs” and all the ‘buts”. Dream up stories of the past, today, the hopes of what might be.

When you do what you think is best for him, for her, now…hopefully later.

You’re not doing it wrong.

Butt-naked, plastic, kooshie cloth on their tooshie, potty seat, private bush, diapers till they’re 103.

You’re not doing it wrong.

Working here, working there, sitting alone behind the locked door, quietly unwrapping.

Other say you’re doing it wrong.

The words pierce you – slash you open and pour the salt.

Don’t listen.

Their words, everywhere, circle around you, chain you down. Crush your heart.

Tell all those voices – in your head, on the screen, in all the smug chatter – “Buzz off, let me be.”

You love them – these precious children of yours. They don’t know what all the “experts” say, and they don’t care.

To them – YOU are the expert.

And that’s what matters.

So dearest mom, remember –

You’re not doing it wrong.

Love them – that’s all.

You’re doing it just right.

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