Free Write Time

Free Write / Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Jog, jog, hit the ground running

wherever I go

follow my feet

that’s where I’ll be

who knows where

who knows when

Brush, brush

follow my paintbrush

whatever flows out

that’s what I’ll paint

Write, Write, set the words free

whatever comes out

that’s what the story’ll be

some days, it’s not about form

or direction

a plan or inspiration

just go, go

let it all flow

letters spinning, flying

dancing together in the sky

like a flock of birds

they’ll form

caught up in the updraft

rippling up the air

one after another

spreading out across the magenta sky

soar, soar

let it all out

write, write

set your mind free.

{My mind is a constant reel, constantly clicking out word after another, disjointed, half-formed ideas rolled into one unseen thought. It’s there, hanging over me like a mist. If I could pause my life, freeze the world, just sit down, and write – maybe eventually all those jumbled words and aspiring stories would eventually clear up, define themselves – find a rhythm, fluidity, a readable prose perhaps. An artist has to have a place, a studio where they can be free, free to throw the paint on the canvas and see where the brush takes it, watch the bristles glide and twirl over the colors. This is my canvas, my studio. Most of the time I’ll craft up nice, polished pieces – ones that make sense, have a purpose, follow the rules and toe the line. And that’s fine, I like things nice and neat, shiny and clean. Other times, I need chaos, unfinished, unchartered. Just words, flowing, coming and going nowhwere…somewhere, anywhere. We’ll call these posts Free Write posts. Like Five Minute Fridays, minus the time limit and no prompts. My life is my prompt. No set time or day – once a week, everyday, maybe only once a month – just sit down and write.}

Flying Words
Flock of Words

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