33 New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for 2015

Random / Thursday, January 1st, 2015


Happy New Year!

I know it’s really just another day and were it not for our human need to constantly make up holidays it would be not different than any other. I used to snub my nose at New Year’s resolutions, and still do a little, sorry. But I’ve come to appreciate the power in establishing a set time to push “re-start”. Not that we should wait until this day to let go of bad habits and create better ones but since so much of our lives revolve around the calendar year, why not join in now?

I also generally try and avoid “bragging” about all the great things I plan on doing and how awesome I plan on being in 2015…but at the same, I recognize the importance of accountability. I’m terrible with follow through and unless I tell at least one other person what I plan to do (a.k.a. my husband) it’s way too easy to change my mind or try and trick myself out of it.

In conjunction with my 33rd birthday this year, and as part of the Project 333 I started today, I decided to have some fun and make 33 resolutions/goals for the year 2015 with the number “33” as a theme for all.

Before I list those, I have one main rule for myself (that you have permission to hold me accountable to):

These goals are meant to help me, not hurt me or make me suffer unnecessarily. If at any time, any of the following become too burdensome to myself or my family (more importantly), I will let go and either readjust, try again the next day, or give it up completely for a better time.

One last thing, many people make resolutions and goals for themselves, usually to improve themselves or “become better versions of themselves.” That’s fine and all but that’s not really what I think about when I make mine.

I do want to become “better” – but not for my own sake. There’s nothing really that special about challenging myself to become better just for me. I want to go beyond the “Me” society. I want to get through all the “be happy” and “be you” slogans to find something deeper, more important, more…everlasting. I want what I do in life, how I act and think about things, to serve a higher purpose than myself.

I want to “be better” for God. I want to become what He wants me to be. I want to let Him mold me and shape me into the person He sees me as. I want Him to smooth out my rough edges, re-shape me, refine me.

It’s not really about me be-ing something or not. To get grammatically precise, I can’t really be a better wife, mother, friend, etc. But I can mother better, and love my husband better, give generously to my family and friends more.

It’s easy enough to say I want to be something more. But even a rock and be a rock without trying too hard. It’s harder to say I want to or will do more. I am already who I am. Now I will continue sharpening who I am so that I can do better, for Him, for those around me, for myself. However, we also can’t get too caught up in what we do and focus more on how and why we do.

Also, similar to my 2013 resolutions and goals, I tried to pick resolutions/goals that will help me go deeper in the following basic categories:

Prayer and Reflection (Private Relationship with God and a deeper search for His Wonder in the Life),

Service and Charity (Outward relationship with God in the people around me),

and Stewardship (of my treasure, talent, time, resources, and my emotional, mental, and physical health).

Ok, blah, blah, blah. Here it finally is.

My 33 Resolutions and Goals for the Year 2015

1. 33 minutes each day in private prayer each day
2. 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation for Marian Consecration (How perfect that number fit in so well!)
3. Go to daily Mass (in addition to Sunday Mass) at least 3 times a week for 33 days
4. Receive the Sacrament of Confession once in a 33 day period (in other words once a month but I had to get a 33 in there somewhere)
5. 33 days of unexpected acts of love for my spouse
6. 33 days of unexpected acts of love for my children and family
7. Write 33 personal hand written notes this year
8. 33 days off thankful thinking
9. 33 days of positive parenting
10. 33 days of no gossiping
11. Reach out to 33 new people at church this year and help them feel welcome (invited) by introducing myself and family.
12. Invite at least one person to come to Mass (or return to coming) every 33 days.
13. Invite 1 person or family to dinner every 33 days (or provide dinner for them.)
14. 33 minutes of exercise each day For 33 days. (Can be broken up into separate times in the same day.)
15. Lose at least 10 lbs in 3.3 months to get back to a healthier one hundred 33. Or, lose 3 lbs in 33 months until I get to 10.
16. Lose 3.3 centimetres around my mid section in 3.3 months (no idea how realistic or possible this is but I couldn’t think of anything else for this one.)
17. Drink 3 of my 20 oz. bottles of water everyday for 33 days
18. Eat healthier for 33 days
19. Read 1 book every 33 days
20. Watch 33 movies this year (that inspire me, challenge me, or make me think. Any suggestions?)
21. 33 minutes of writing each day (journaling counts)
22. Use only 33 items if clothing for 33 days for Project 333 (more on that to come!)
23. Repair/upgrade/reorganize/redecorate 33 things in the house this year.
24. Save $ by making and sticking to a spending plan for 33 days
25. Keep only 33 of our kids books out for 33 days
26. Keep only 33 toys out for 33 days
27. Make and use a meal plan for 33 days.
28. Try 33 new recipes this year (suggestions?)
29. Listen to 33 new-to-me songs this year (suggestions welcome!)
30. Create 33 new artistic creations (any medium)
31. Yodel for 33 seconds each day for 33 days
32. Dance like no one’s watching for 33 seconds every day (when no one’s watching)
33. Laugh for 33 seconds a day

Obviously I ran out of ideas towards the end but then I realized one of my unsaid resolutions lately is to not just “be happier” but to act happier. Laughter is the best medicine for just about anything. (Unless you’re having stomach cramps…even then though.) I’m sure my husband will be more than happy to hold me accountable to #31. We tested it out last night with him and my sister and could barely get through without cracking up so I’ll knock out #33 in the process.

Some of these I already know I won’t be able to stick to exactly. I may only have time to exercise for 30 minutes or even 25 but at least I’ll accomplish that much while shooting for the 33.

I’m also up for further suggestions or edits to my list if you have a better way for me to incorporate the general idea of the goal with the number 33. Feel free to share your creative ideas! Yes, even the silly ones – you’ll help me with number 33!

Ok, enough about me. What are your goals for the year?

4 Replies to “33 New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for 2015”

  1. It’s been so long since I’ve commented! So sorry! I love your list! Have you seen Tiny House? It’s a documentary on living small (or with less in cases with a bigger family lol).

    Also, I’m super interested in your 33 items of clothing. I’ve thought about doing that as well. Have you read 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Stuff? So good! She did something like that, but used only 7 items of clothing for a month.
    Rachel @ Efficient Momma recently blogged…7QT’s: Sick Kids, Giveaway and New Years My Profile

    1. Hi Rachel! Glad to have you back. I’ve bad about coming by your place too, sorry!
      I have heard about the Tiny House thing and often joke about it with my husband and friends. I like the idea of living simpler but don’t think I could live in a real Tiny House with all our family.
      I haven’t heard of the 7 thing. That seems a little too extreme for me in my stage of life right now but I’ll check it out anyway out of curiosity, thanks!
      Come by again soon! I’ve had your blog open on a tab for a few days now waiting to come back to.

  2. It is, Jackie. I think I’ll have to make a spreadsheet to remember them all. 😉
    I’m hoping to blog about the closet/wardrobe thing soon, it’s next on my list anyway.
    I’ll pray for you while reading the Morning Glory and if you pray for me, at least we’ll have prayed for each other even if we don’t get through the whole thing. 😉

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