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Podcasts, Random / Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

The kids are back at school, the house and car is quieter again, and now I need something to fill that void. Since I can’t read while driving or cooking – well not very well or safely – I like listening to other people talk.

Podcast Apps

I listen to my podcasts usually with my not-cool android phone using The Podcast Addict app. (Here is a Getting Started guide) I just found out about Stitcher so I’m going to try that out and see if there is any advantage.

My husband got me a GOgroove Mini Bluetooth Car Kit so I can listen through the van’s speakers while driving (since we don’t have a cool car with built-in bluetooth).

If I’m using the iPad, I use the built-in Podcast app. I think you can also install an iTunes app – maybe?

When I hear of a Podcast that sounds interesting, I just add it to my Podcast list. If someone posts a specific episode on Facebook or online, I just listen to it with whatever device I’m using at the time. Usually my phone though so I can pick up where I leave off easier. If I’m going on a longer road trip where I will not have internet access, I’ll download the episodes I want to listen to and then delete them later to save space on my phone.

If you’d like to start listening to Podcasts or you’re looking for new ones to listen to here are some ideas:

The Simplemama Podcast – Well since this is my blog, I’ll start with my new one! I started as a way to share the Book and Movie reviews I’ve done and I have a few more coming up in September and added the random Birth Story one too so I’ll just add to it whenever I can but it will not be my main priority. I’m curious though if anyone has even listened to any episodes and what they think or if they’d like more?

Here is my Podcast Subscription list in no particular order:

Messy Parenting – Catholic conversations on marriage and family

The Art of Simple

Fountains of Carrots

The Jennifer Fulwiler Show

This Inspired Life

The Inspired to Action Podcast

More2Life with Greg and Lisa Popcak

Here are some I found recently that sound interesting though I can’t vouch for them yet since I haven’t listened to their episodes.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know – There is so much Catholic stuff I do not know! Cradle Catholic for 32 years and still learning.

The Catholic Hipster – This one sounds fun!

Serial – I know a lot of people really like this one but I haven’t really gotten into it yet, anyone else?

Third Wheel Podcast w Tom Shillue and Jim & Jeannie Gaffigan – I’m enjoying the Jim Gaffigan show so this sounds like it might be fun.

Comedian Tom Shillue is Jim Gaffigan’s opening act. Tom, like Jim, is a family man, and he spends a lot of time with Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan. He thought it would be fun to do an audio diary about the unique perspective he has on the backstage goings on of the Gaffigan “team” as they produce comedy specials, tours, and TV shows, and try to raise a big family in the process.

The Catholic Exchange Podcast – all sorts of information about Catholicism!

Stuff you Missed in History Class I feel like I missed a lot from history class because I either wasn’t paying attention or I just wasn’t interested enough at the time but I’d like to learn now so I might check out some of these episodes.

Stuff You Should Know – I’ve always wanted to know more stuff.

Have you listened to any of these? What do you think? What have I missed? I’d love to make this be an on-going list as I find new podcasts so let me know what else I can add!

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