The Three Things I’m Grateful For {Day 4} Gratefulness in Suffering

Gratitude / Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

It’s Day Four of the Three Things I’m Grateful For Exercise for Thanksgiving week.

I’d love for you to join me! I started on Sunday but feel free to jump in now or anytime. See here for the simple three-step instructions for joining in Three Things I’m Grateful For Exercise.

Here are my Three Things I’m Grateful For Today {Day Four}

1. A beautiful sunset on the way home from visiting someone very dear to me in the hospital; pink-checkered clouds with the setting sun illuminating them from behind with wisps of gray clouds moving across the pink ones like two trains passing by on opposite tracks.

2. Going out for a fun movie date with my husband.

3. Snuggles and hugs and kisses from my sweet three-year-old when I needed it most.


There are some days when thinking of anything good to be grateful for is the last thing we want to do. When life seems like one bad thing after another, it’s easier to just wallow in our suffering or bad mood.

But why? If things that we have no control over are already making life hard, why make it harder by letting them steal our joy completely? Everyone struggles, everyone goes through hard times in life. Even those who look like they have a perfect life or have have it all together struggle too.

When I went to visit my dear one in the hospital today, there was a lot to brood over and worry over. So I took out a paper and pen and asked him, “What are Three Good Things that happened today.” At first, the question shocked him given his situation. But then he started thinking and was able to list three small but very meaningful good things from the day.

We all have this same choice every day, in all situations. We can focus on the bad, the negative and fall into despair over them. Or, even in a hard time, we can force ourselves to think beyond the suffering of our present moment and see the good. When we can find something to be grateful for that’s how we survive the hard times and find our joy again.


What Three Things are you grateful for?

Feel free to share them in the comments, on your own blog (and link back here!), the Simplemama Facebook page, Twitter (#ThreeThingsImGrateful4 or #Grateful or ), or maybe you can just share it with your spouse or family during prayer.

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