7 Things I Want to Write and Share

Random / Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Ok, so in my last post I asked what I should write about.

Thank you Deanna for your comment here and for your ideas! Since then, I now have a few exciting events and interesting subjects to write about and share.

I’m sharing the 7 things here so that, just in case I don’t get to them soon, you’ll at least know what’s been on my mind lately – because you’ve probably been wondering, right?

One: Hiking and Summiting a 14’er

Yes, I did!

Two: Recharging in Colorado’s Beauty

Took an kind of impromptu family vacation before summer ended to visit good friends and bask in Colorado’s beauty.

Three: Total Solar Eclipse Amazingness!

It was…I still can’t come up with a word to adequately describe how amazing it was. Amazing pictures to come!

Four: School Resumes and Life Adjustments

Summer ends, school begins, and routines change – again.

Five: Exercise Plans

I love staying active and find it helpful if I share what I’m doing/going to do keep myself accountable.

Six: Simple Cooking

Life’s easier when cookin’s simpler.

Seven: Autism

My son, he’s ten, has high-functioning autism. Yup, betcha didn’t know that. I didn’t either until about a year ago. I’m ready to start sharing about it.

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