Spring Wardrobe and Body Image

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The snow has melted, the highs are in the 60’s, the sun in shining and signs of Spring are here! This season gets me all excited about spring cleaning and organizing, maybe some light gardening, and clothes.  Yup, clothes, fashion, and wardbrobes – isn’t that what all women think about when Spring comes around? All the fashion […]

March 9, 2015

Wardrobe Capsule Status Update {Nerdy Selfies and All!}

Capsule Wardrobe, Fashion

Finally, it’s the post you have ALL been waiting for! (or at least the one my big-haired friend, Mary, keeps antagonizing me about). It’s the… One Month Status Update of my Wardrobe Capsule Challenge! For those of you who have no idea what in Tarzan land I’m talking about, here is where I started the Project […]

February 6, 2015

Snow, Reading, Watching, Pretty Pictures {A Journal}

Capsule Wardrobe, Fashion, Journal

Outside my window: It snowed! I love the way the sunrise looks over the snow in the mornings. Wearing: You’re all probably tired already of hearing about what I’m wearing. (If you really want to know, just look over to the right sidebar of my awkward selfies on Instagram.) The Kids: Have all been playing […]

January 6, 2015

Wardrobe Capsule {Project 333}

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Ok, ok I know you’ve all been holding onto your phones or standing by your computer waiting for the notifications to pop up and tell you I finally posted more about this whole Wardrobe Capsule Project 333 that I’ve mentioned in the last posts. Your life can go on now. I had never heard anything about […]

January 4, 2015