A “Good” Day

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After reading Jennifer Fulwiler’s post, The mental neat freak, I thought a little about what a good day would be like for me and our family.  At first, this is what I thought of:  Quiet time to myself in the morning before everyone else wakes up, time for exercise, maybe a trip to the store […]

September 16, 2013

When You Think You’re “Done” {having children}

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About fifteen years ago, I was a freshman in high school, my oldest brother a senior, and our two little brothers were 10 and 6. (I’m too lazy to figure out what grade that put them in.) I’d always hoped for a little sister but figured at that point I resigned myself to fact that I’d be […]

July 24, 2013

Out of THIS Moment [with young children]

motherhood, parenting

Life with young children is hard. : Fact. I have yet to meet a parent who disagrees. I’ve read many a blog post by sleep-deprived moms (and dads!) affirming this. I’ve written many a blog post confirming this. Over and over. We all get it. Life with young kids is stressful. It’s headache inducing. It’s […]

April 9, 2013