A “Good” Day

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After reading Jennifer Fulwiler’s post, The mental neat freak, I thought a little about what a good day would be like for me and our family. 
At first, this is what I thought of: 
  • Quiet time to myself in the morning before everyone else wakes up, time for exercise, maybe a trip to the store by myself…or a pedicure…might as well throw in a scalp massage and new hair-do and date with my husband while I’m at it
  • No fighting, screaming, arguing, talking back, snatching, hitting, tongue sticking out, whining.
  • Nice talking, playing together nicely, sharing, taking turns patiently.
  • Listening, following directions right away, no distractions.
  • Helpful without asking, Clean up messes, or better yet, no messes!
  • Making delicious, easy-to-make and clean-up meals that everyone likes.
  • Time to read or write or work on a craft/house project uninterrupted.
But then I thought…
That’s all nice but it’s an unrealistic and unfair fantasy.

In reality…


A good day starts with me…

  • Not yelling (in an out-of-control fire-breathing dragon way).
  • Not whining about what I have to do vs. what I want to do.
  • Not replying sarcastically or rudely to innocent (or even not so innocent) questions or comments.
  • Not screaming back at them (even if they started it).  
  • Praying WITH my family and FOR my family.
  • Taking time to play, read, learn, create, build, explore, discover WITH my family and FOR my family.
  • Exercising WITH my family and FOR my family.
  • Sharing my talents with others in service to God WITH my family and FOR my family.
Yes, the kids will probably still cry, whine, and scream at me and each other all day,
I might not get anything done or get enough sleep (or any at all),
dinner might get ruined (or never made at all), the dishes might not get cleaned or the laundry put away (or washed or dried), and the house may end up covered with toys, shoes, mismatched socks, and stuff.
I might not get any “me” time, or even a shower (let alone brush my grimy teeth), or eat anything other than a few crackers (and cheese if I’m lucky). 
But it can still be a GOOD day…
if I decide to see it and live it that way.
A good day starts and runs with my decision to ask for and accept God’s Grace to help me see the good and be the good. 
A good day ends when I can gather my thoughts, for a second or two, and look back at the day,
– past the stress and the mess, the yelling and the whining, and see the parts that were good and are good, 
– acknowledge the parts that were not-so good, then ask God for forgiveness and the strength and grace to do better tomorrow.
Have the day you have“, and it will be GOOD.

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