Thankful Thursday September, 19

Thankful Thursday / Thursday, September 19th, 2013

This day definitely had its trials (the three-year-old) so it’ll do me some good to take some time to look back and see the joys I’m thankful for of today and the week:

  • Good friends that I can share my faith with, prayer, petitions, and important discussion about motherhood and our Catholic Faith.
  • Flashlight hide n seek in the dark house before bedtime.
  • Reading time with my daughter, gives me a chance to be with her, look at her and see how much she’s grown.
  • Energizing (and muscle-pumping) bike rides alone and with the family. (and a couple power naps, too!)
  • The dinner company of good friends who were an integral part of our marriage prep.
  • Daily Mass (even with the three-year-old’s exhausting antics). 
  • Laughing together with my husband and kids about silly things that mean absolutely nothing.
  • Library story-time and reading together with the three-year-old and baby.
  • The feeling of accomplishment – finished ironing some clothes to consign and worked on a simple craft project I’ve been working on for way too long now but it’s almost done!
  • My mom and sister who are available and willing to help me when I need it – it’s the small things like staying with the kids in the car so I can run into the store quickly by myself and look at paint samples that really count. 
  • Getting up early enough to do 5 – 10 minutes of muscle strengthening floor exercises before school. 
  • My husband and our family we have together, I’m thankful for my husband’s job and that I can be ‘at home’ with the kids while they are young – I complain a lot about the housework and the whining and all that but I know I really have it made. 

What are the joys you are thankful for?

2 Replies to “Thankful Thursday September, 19”

  1. our vocation is hard. you are doing a great job, friend. keep it up.

    (sorry i have been a worthless commenter lately. i mostly read blogs on the tablet while nursing and trying to type on it infuriates me! i’m trying to do better.)
    mary recently blogged…johnny all clean My Profile

  2. Hi friend! Thank you for your encouraging comment – reminds of of the people that would clap for me to “keep it up, you,re doing great job!” while I was dying during x-country races. πŸ™‚
    I completely understand the tablet commenting. That’s also the time I do most of my reading and I say I’ll go comment on the computer later but then later hardly ever happens so I’ve just been trying to just leave simple comments through the tablet, despite all the auto-correct mistakes that drive me crazy. not saying I don’t like comments – I do – but I understand and you don’t need to feel guilty about not commenting. Just pray for me and and I’ll pray for you! πŸ™‚

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