Be Happy for Me


I want to share about our vacation, I want to share about how great it was and show-off all the awesome photos my awesome husband took of the beautiful Colorado mountains. But I’m afraid to. Even when I posted a status update about our trip, I recoiled and felt almost ashamed. I was now one of […]

June 22, 2015

Addicted to Busy


I just turned my laptop on after being gone for 11 days. My mind sags from the weight of all the thoughts I’ve collected during our time away in the mountains. Do you ever feel like that? Like your heart and mind are physically heavy with thoughts? How can that be though if thoughts aren’t “solid” objects? […]

June 21, 2015

Is Chivalry Dead? Plus An “Old Fashioned” Hang Out with Movie Director Rik Swartzwelder

Hang Outs, Movie Review

After such a fun time doing the Hang Out with the Noble movie director, Stephen Bradley, I immediately said yes when asked by if I’d like to preview the upcoming Old Fashioned movie and do a Hang Out with Rik Swartzwelder – the writer/director/producer/lead actor in Pure Flix’s Old Fashioned – where “Chivalry Makes a Comeback”. If you’re […]

June 15, 2015

Give Away: Broken Gods: Hope, Healing, and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart {Book Review Hangout and Podcast}

**Give-away**, Book Review, Books, Hang Outs, Podcasts, Simplemama Podcast

I’m so excited to share this next book review about Broken Gods: Hope, Healing, and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart by Dr. Gregory Popcack! Thanks to Image Catholic Books for the chance to read it in exchange for my honest review. Reading Broken Gods was like going to a therapy session and spiritual direction all at once. For […]

June 4, 2015