I am what I read

Around the House

Recently, some amazing friends surprised me with a too-generous undeserved giftcard to the local Catholic book store, (thank you!) and I’ve slowly been using it to carefully select new books for my library. I love reading, I love words, I love THE WORD, and therefore I try and read any and all words that will lead me to Him. […]

June 8, 2011

Tomato Avocado Delight


Simple mid-afternoon snack: Tomato Avocado Delight 1 Ripe Avocado 1 Tomato Salt Feta Cheese (optional) Slice and dice the avocado and tomato together, sprinkle on some salt, add some optional feta cheese and voila! Eat and enjoy! Like it? Share it!

June 7, 2011

Southwest Salad and Dressing


A few weeks back we had a delicious dinner with some wonderful friends. I made the fajitas and they (well she did anyway) made a rather delicious southwest salad and dressing. We actually used the dressing in the fajitas too and it added a savory touch. Here is the recipe my friend shared for the dressing: 1/4 c. […]

June 1, 2011

Guest Post: Easter Turkey Dinner


Today’s recipe comes from a special guest blogger; my older brother, Philip. He writes from Astoria, NY. Ok, this is my first ever try at food blogging! A few weeks back, I had both my brothers over for Easter. Since I went away for school, and then moved to NYC after school, I haven’t had […]

May 24, 2011

The Rosary unites us

Faith: Mary, motherhood

More about the Rosary and Marian prayer from Mary and Me: While women…have found that the rosary brings them closer to Christ, it can also have the effect of bringing women closer to each other. Though it is often prayed individually, group recitations of the rosary offer a chance for Catholics to connect with their larger […]

May 23, 2011