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When my name was Mentioned with @DrewBarrymore! {7 QUICK Takes} 2

I have 10 minutes to do a 7 Quick Takes post so this time they’ll really be “quick” unlike my last 7 Really Long Takes. Ready, Set….GO:

1. This really happened:

Why, yes, that is THE Drew Barrymore my name is mentioned along with!

It cracks me up that Courtney’s post dubs me as “The Downton Abbey” way of doing Project 333.

2. I’m not one of those people who remember actors/actresses names well. I can only remember a handful of the ones I like. Drew Barrymore has been one of my faves since The Wedding Singer I’m pretty sure the soundtrack was one of my first CD’s I ever owned. Besides, who couldn’t love Julia Gulia??

Best part of the MOVIE!! I’m going to have to watch it again just for this scene.

3. Or maybe I’ll just re-watch and listen to that scene over and over:

4. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I – the very, very, opposite of a trendy fashionista – would be mentioned in a fashion post along with such a well-known celebrity? It’s pure craziness. In fact, I wasn’t going to say anything about it but I had to share it to verify that I did indeed really see that – others can see it too right?

After reading Drew’s (yes, we’re on a first-name basis now) post, I love how real she sounds (because she is, in fact, a real person) and found it interesting that we’ve both gone through the same experience of dissatisfaction with our full closets and body image

And, then there are the “I don’t care” dressers, and then there is me: The “I care, but I struggle with my body” type, so I wear the same things over and over. I also like to shop to inspire myself, but then most of it ends up bloating my closet into a kaleidoscope of stuff I can’t seem to see through. If anyone ventured into my closet, they would say I have plenty of clothes. Yet, I wear the same jeans on the floor from yesterday along with my favorite soft, slouchy T-shirt. Winter is inevitably jeans and a sweater. Summer is hard because I don’t love short anything, so I struggle to stay covered and still look cool.

5. I laughed about how Drew felt after she put her closet on a “diet” and cleaned it out.

My closet seemed to be clean. But, no longer eclectic or wild enough. It actually seemed like I had no clothes. It got too sparse! I was sad. Had I gone too far? I was missing my old funky self and felt like I had become some conservative, boring woman — but not even in a cool, J.Crew way.

“some conservative, boring woman” – yeah that would be me. But I don’t shop at J.Crew, just Kohls, Old Navy, and sometimes I go up a notch and go into Maurices or even Dressbarn!

6. Ok, I’ve got a few more minutes and 2 more to go and ran out of things to talk about with Fashion and Drew Barrymore…oh! That reminds me. Did anyone else ever see Grey Gardens Drew was in?

Weirdest. Movie. Ever.

Well, next after Being John Malkovich

I think I picked Grey Gardens on a whim one night shortly after getting a free Netflix streaming trial when those first came out, thinking it might be a fun movie. Wow. I don’t even know how I was able to finish watching it. It was so strange, I just had to keep watching.

7. But one good thing came out of it. Whenever I start getting down on myself about how messy I think my house is, I think of Drew. And Grey Gardens. And worry no more:

Yes, they actually lived in this.


My Kitchen and Dining Area are IMMACULATE compared to this. And so is yours, I’m betting.

Why bother cleaning when you can look into a mirror all day? I wonder if this is one of her capsule wardrobe outfits?

Ok, I’ve pushed my snooze button 2 times so it was more like 20 minutes. It was the pictures. They always do me in. That’s all I have to say for today, see, I can be quick – sometimes. 😉

En-JOY your day!

Because I’m NOT a Super Mom {Five Minute Friday} 9

Today’s Yesterday’s Five Minute Friday Word prompt hosted by  for today is: Because


Because I am not a Super Mom

that’s why I am not the “perfect” mother some may see when they look at me or visit this blog

Super Mom

I grumble

I grouch

I yell, scream, stomp my feet and make weird snort noises that sometimes sound more like a fire-breathing dragon is about to leap out of me and incinerate everything in its path

I’d rather go to back to bed

than stay up with my puking daughter

who only wants me to be there with her

but I want to sleep

because I go to bed way too late and get up way too early

Because I’d rather plug music into my ears

to drown out the noise, the screams, the yelling, the whining, the coughing, the sniffling, the crying

but then I’d miss out on the laughter, the giggles, the random nice interactions between siblings…the urgent screams for help when the baby is seconds away from certain doom

Because I’d rather hire a maid to do all our dirty laundry, scrub our dishes, and dust away all the bunnies hopping around on the shelves

because my kitchen is perpetually messy, has a very old and probably very moldy sink and faucet with equally ugly and dated green laminate counter tops – no granite in this non-supermom house.

Super Mom

Because I buy convenience food, go through the drive-thru, use paper plates and disposable diapers

Because I don’t have my own garden, usually just nuke some frozen veggies  or canned fruit in for “balance” and fiber…or just to make me feel better about myself as a mother.

because I tell the kids they can’t have another cookie…but then later sneak that last one for myself when they are asleep or at school

Because I have a sugar addiction problem

because I look like a real mom with the all the extra curves and stretch marks and saggy extra tummy flab that will never go away no matter how many abdominal exercises I do

instead of the “moms” on all the magazine covers who look like they’ve never even smelled a baby let alone given birth to one a few days ago in their spandex exercise pants that are so tight they are almost translucent with the matching crisscross back athletic sports bra top that makes you look down at your chest and realize what a all these years of breastfeeding has done to your…

I grumble while I clean, demand too much, give too little

Because sometimes all I want is to sit and read a book by myself and be left alone

instead of allowing everyone to climb on me and wiggle around in my lap and make me feel incredibly claustrophobic while I read the same favorite book to them for the millionth time

Because I forget so quickly

how precious these days are, 

these little souls, brimming with so much life

I take them for granted, forget how much I wanted them


I forget how much they need me

and how much they LOVE me

because I stopped trying to be someone else –

a Super Mom –

is why

I’m just a regular, simple mom doing her own little best in her own little ways

– and I’m OK with that. (and I think my kids are too.)

[Stop] (ok, it was more like 10 minutes…and then a few more minutes having fun with the images…I can’t help it.)



Exhale {Five Minute Friday} 8

I’m one day behind on Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday but I didn’t get in any journal time until today so here I am anyway, “fashionably late”.

The Five Minute Friday Word for this week is: Exhale


I’ve been holding in so much for so long

It’s turned all sour

Filled my soul with bitter rancid thoughts

I want it out

It’s been so long

I’ve tried to pretend, to stay strong, sane, “normal”, put together and in control

I can’t breathe; I’m suffocating in all that overwhelms me

Then I realize

I can’t breathe because I’m still holding it in…



Let it out

Breathe In…

So I can take in fresh new air again


Send out the bad, unused, unwanted

information, opinions, thoughts, ideas, expectations

Breathe IN…

The good, applicable, realistic, wise, healthy, safe, sanctifying, necessary, helpful


The negative, down-trodden, depressive, sour, guilt-tripping, indecisiveness, second-thoughts, doubts,

Breathe In…

The peace, tranquility, sound mind, logical and clear thinking, positive, encouraging


Fanatic, extremist, overdone, oppressive, suffocating, PRESSURE!

Breathe In..

Mercy, Love, Compassion, Strength, Wisdom, Understanding, Patience, Prudence, Moderation, Level-headedness

Slow it down, one thing at a time


What I don’t need, doesn’t work for me, isn’t what is good and right for me and our family or current situation, the waste, the poison, the debilitating stress that hangs over me like an oppressive storm cloud

Breathe In…

Jesus, calm, trust…JOY.


The Five-Minute Friday link-up is a great way to devote time to writing – even just five minutes can offer an amazing energy and release! There is still time to join in. If you are having a rough patch in life, don’t forget to…

The Hands of a Child {Five-Minute Friday} 4

Today’s Five-Minute Friday Writing Word Prompt: Hands



mud pie


vroom, vroom!

kiss the ouchie

all better

sand castles, motes, twig flag poles

ladybugs, rolly pollies, snails, bird poop

friendship bracelets, crazy rainbow loom, fishtail double triple single big fat bracelets, earings, necklaces

knit one, knit two, sew through and under and back up again, there you go here it comes

dig, dig, pour, pour, smooth it out, I see a house in

the flour hill, one more teaspoon of

sugar, there now pop it

in the oven, fingers on the door watch

it bake, up, warm and gooey

chocolatey fingers, lick them yummy

hold my hand

while we cross, there, now it’s safe, off you go but

be careful, watch for others

swing, swing, hold on tight, one, two, three, woooOooOOppeee, 

again, again! Ok, one more time

to go, inside 

one last cup, turn the pages, goodnight moon

in the sky, point there you see

twinkling high

a star, a planet, the milky way

to your dreams

I hold your hands, as you sleep

caress your soft skin, run my 

hands through your hair,

together, I pray and thank

God for you 

my sweet, sweet

dear child.


When I think of it, my hands and my children’s hands have done a lot of ‘walking’ together over the years. What do you think of when you think of “hands”? Set the timer, write it down, then share it if you want and join the Five-Minute Friday party. 

Forming “Close” Sibling Bonds {Five-Minute Friday} 2

Five-Minute Friday Word:



Yesterday a friend and I were talking about how we hope our kids will be “close” when they get older.  They may not get along very well right now…but we hope that they’ll eventually learn to love each other, despite their differences and annoyances. 

I think about my own siblings, and how much we fought or got on each other’s nerves growing up.  I grew up with three brothers and then, finally, a little sister! As you can imagine, I thought boys were gross and swore I’d never have any of my own. (I now have 3 boys and one daughter.)  They picked their noses, left underwear everywhere and the toilets were always nasty. I could never get what was so hard about just peeing in the toilet! 

I wasn’t exactly the perfect older sister though and I’m sure my brothers could tell you all sorts of stories of what a bully I was.  (But they won’t because they love me too much. Ahem.) And don’t ever ask my sister what she really thinks of me. 

But now, as “grown ups”, I would say that I am very close with each of my siblings.  And the funny thing is that only one of my siblings lives in the same city as me, at least for now. All the others are several states and lifestyles away. Yet, we manage to maintain frequent contact, calling on each other’s birthdays, sending funny text, emails, or facebook messages to one another commenting on each other’s photos and thought-provoking links, and Skyping – which my kids love! We have all put forth the effort to stay connected and I think this is how we’ve stayed close all these years. 

So this gives me hope. That even though my two older boys are constantly hitting, spitting, licking, touching or merely “looking” at each other in a distasteful manner – they are still “close”. I see glimmers of it from time to time. Like when they work together to build a tall tower, assemble an army, or construct a trench in the sandbox.  

I have hope for my oldest daughter and her brothers. That even though she bosses them and nitpicks them worse than a nagging wife, she truly cares for their safety and well being deep down. She can’t help being the oldest child expecting the others to be “just like her”. But I see how her brothers love her – when they aren’t annoyed with her. They love playing make believe with her and acting the parts in her elaborate stories. And, they might not know it, but they look up to her – to lead the way, steer the ship, clear new paths. 

And the baby – who can’t love him? Well – aside from the 4 year old who feels ousted of course. Still, I see the love between them through the cracks of jealousy. I see how they giggle together and how much the olders adore him  and how he worships them and can’t wait to catch up to them. 

My children spend a lot of time “close” together and usually this time spent isn’t all lovey dovey perfect family quality” time. But I hope in time – and as life pulls them in different directions – they will find a way to form the type of close bonds that really matter and will hold them together. 


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