Because I’m NOT a Super Mom {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday, motherhood, Random / Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Today’s Yesterday’s Five Minute Friday Word prompt hosted by for today is: Because


Because I am not a Super Mom

that’s why I am not the “perfect” mother some may see when they look at me or visit this blog

Super Mom

I grumble

I grouch

I yell, scream, stomp my feet and make weird snort noises that sometimes sound more like a fire-breathing dragon is about to leap out of me and incinerate everything in its path

I’d rather go to back to bed

than stay up with my puking daughter

who only wants me to be there with her

but I want to sleep

because I go to bed way too late and get up way too early

Because I’d rather plug music into my ears

to drown out the noise, the screams, the yelling, the whining, the coughing, the sniffling, the crying

but then I’d miss out on the laughter, the giggles, the random nice interactions between siblings…the urgent screams for help when the baby is seconds away from certain doom

Because I’d rather hire a maid to do all our dirty laundry, scrub our dishes, and dust away all the bunnies hopping around on the shelves

because my kitchen is perpetually messy, has a very old and probably very moldy sink and faucet with equally ugly and dated green laminate counter tops – no granite in this non-supermom house.

Super Mom

Because I buy convenience food, go through the drive-thru, use paper plates and disposable diapers

Because I don’t have my own garden, usually just nuke some frozen veggies or canned fruit in for “balance” and fiber…or just to make me feel better about myself as a mother.

because I tell the kids they can’t have another cookie…but then later sneak that last one for myself when they are asleep or at school

Because I have a sugar addiction problem

because I look like a real mom with the all the extra curves and stretch marks and saggy extra tummy flab that will never go away no matter how many abdominal exercises I do

instead of the “moms” on all the magazine covers who look like they’ve never even smelled a baby let alone given birth to one a few days ago in their spandex exercise pants that are so tight they are almost translucent with the matching crisscross back athletic sports bra top that makes you look down at your chest and realize what a all these years of breastfeeding has done to your…

I grumble while I clean, demand too much, give too little

Because sometimes all I want is to sit and read a book by myself and be left alone

instead of allowing everyone to climb on me and wiggle around in my lap and make me feel incredibly claustrophobic while I read the same favorite book to them for the millionth time

Because I forget so quickly

how precious these days are,

these little souls, brimming with so much life

I take them for granted, forget how much I wanted them


I forget how much they need me

and how much they LOVE me

because I stopped trying to be someone else –

a Super Mom –

is why

I’m just a regular, simple mom doing her own little best in her own little ways

– and I’m OK with that. (and I think my kids are too.)

[Stop] (ok, it was more like 10 minutes…and then a few more minutes having fun with the images…I can’t help it.)



9 Replies to “Because I’m NOT a Super Mom {Five Minute Friday}”

  1. Alright, did you write this from my brain? Because lately, between the scatters messes, spilled drinks, mountains of laundry, and dishes that just seem to keep.breeding.all.the.time….I’m frazzled, and just want to check out.
    But then I’d miss the soft kisses, the wild giggles, the hugs between children…yes. I understand. And get it!

    Peggy recently blogged…Because My Profile

    1. Ha! No, I haven’t quite figured out how to read others’ brains yet, Peggy. Maybe if I really was a Super Mom then I could. 😉
      Yes, I understand that feeling of wanting to check out! Sometimes it does help me to get out of the house for a quick walk or even just hide in my room or bathroom with a good book and some chocolate. Eventually I have to come out and embrace life again in all its chaos. 😉

      1. OH, how many times have I hidden in the bathroom, with my kindle, and just sighed at the quiet and the peace!! Until little fingers wiggle under the door, that is. Then reality (chaos) beckons. And back I go, to the mess that is ‘mine’ for all it’s glory…haha!
        Peggy recently blogged…Because My Profile

  2. Aw Erika, I love your blogging. This post made me take a step back to remeber that all my frustrations and to-do lists that don’t get accomplished are because I’m not super-mom either. But I appreciate all five of my children who show love to me.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! You’re always so encouraging, I really appreciate that. Yes, I think we expect more of ourselves than our kids do. They just want us to love them and accept them and be with them when needed.

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