Thankful Thursday

Organized Coat Closets, Laundry away, Exercise ~ So much to be Thankful for! 9

I love taking the time to stop and remember what I did do, especially when it seems like I’ve done nothing. The world focuses on the “Big Time” successes. As a mom, and really as a simple person striving to follow Christ in small ways, it really is about the small seemingly insignificant things we do with the time we’re given.

Here are my three Small Successes to share from the week:

#1 — Folded and put clothes laundry away…four days post-washing. (I know this pales in comparison to the old pioneer women’s days.)

#2 — Exercised – I fell off my exercise routine – yet again! But today, I did it. I woke up – after hitting the snooze only one time this time – and did 10 minutes of core strengthening on the yoga mat. No promises for tomorrow but at least I did it today.

#3 — Reorganized the hall coat closet – yikes that place was a disaster. Whoever built our house didn’t properly think about how many people might live in it and therefore make the closet big enough to store everyone’s coats and gloves and all the other “stuff” the cold season brings. To make up for the lack of floor space, I brought one of the shelves from the boys’ room down for use as a boot shelf (like this one).
I also set our ‘winter things’ basket (like this one) on the shelf for easy access. While I was there, I went through the basket and discarded gloves/hats that either had lost their partners in warmth or didn’t fit anymore (My almost ten-year-old daughter probably doesn’t need her 2T hat and gloves anymore!) I tucked the matching gloves we did have into their respective hats and hopefully I can teach my kids to follow suit. (Hahahahahahaha! Good one, huh?) While doing this, I discovered where some of my old scarves had been hiding out! Now I can say I own more than one scarf for the season. (Though I still wouldn’t mind a few new ones since I love scarves.) I also put old bags and bookbags into a plastic box and set that on the top shelf. 

We keep the kids’ coats on hooks in our ‘office’ and ‘homework’ room:

It’s been fun joining up with the CatholicMom Small Successes and invite you to join along if you’d like! Even if you don’t participate, click over there to read her beautiful intro. I do miss doing my Thankful Thursdays so I’m going to combine the two here from time to time. This has been a rough week with the toddler. Like I quipped on my Facebook page – Never could I have imagined, until I had my own children, how much a toddler’s mood could significantly affect my day. And why is it that the one thing that finally makes him happy is something that he really shouldn’t play with? Anyway, so with that whine out of the way, it is very therapeutic to take time and think about the positive.

This week I’m Thankful for:

  • Time to chat alone and uninterrupted with my husband who loves me more than I deserve.
  • I’m thankful for him and his life, which we celebrated this week.
  • All the help and support I receive from him and all our generous family and friends.
  • Time alone with my daughter, our oldest who gets overshadowed by those who cry and scream louder.
  • Playing tag and running around with my family in the yard last weekend (before the cold front came through!)
  • The times my kids play nicely together. (Like diamonds – these moments are rare and far between and that’s why they are so valuable!)
  • Time to pray and just be with Jesus.
  • Snuggles and smiles from my baby-toddler (when he wasn’t crying/screaming.)
  • The four-year-old learning to buckle himself in the car seat all by himself! 
  • And so, so much more. God has blessed me.

I hope and pray you will find a few moments to reflect and be thankful for all He has blessed you with as well. Enjoy the rest of the week!


P.S. There are still TWO more days to enter in the Hand-made Toy Bag Give-Away! And ANYONE can enter. Even if you are a nearby friend or family member. Share something you are thankful for today in the comments below for another chance to enter. 

Thankful Thursday September, 19 2

This day definitely had its trials (the three-year-old) so it’ll do me some good to take some time to look back and see the joys I’m thankful for of today and the week:

  • Good friends that I can share my faith with, prayer, petitions, and important discussion about motherhood and our Catholic Faith.
  • Flashlight hide n seek in the dark house before bedtime.
  • Reading time with my daughter, gives me a chance to be with her, look at her and see how much she’s grown.
  • Energizing (and muscle-pumping) bike rides alone and with the family. (and a couple power naps, too!)
  • The dinner company of good friends who were an integral part of our marriage prep.
  • Daily Mass (even with the three-year-old’s exhausting antics). 
  • Laughing together with my husband and kids about silly things that mean absolutely nothing.
  • Library story-time and reading together with the three-year-old and baby.
  • The feeling of accomplishment – finished ironing some clothes to consign and worked on a simple craft project I’ve been working on for way too long now but it’s almost done!
  • My mom and sister who are available and willing to help me when I need it – it’s the small things like staying with the kids in the car so I can run into the store quickly by myself and look at paint samples that really count. 
  • Getting up early enough to do 5 – 10 minutes of muscle strengthening floor exercises before school. 
  • My husband and our family we have together, I’m thankful for my husband’s job and that I can be ‘at home’ with the kids while they are young – I complain a lot about the housework and the whining and all that but I know I really have it made. 

What are the joys you are thankful for?

Thankful Thursday, September 5 2

It’s easy enough to think of what I could complain about, why not pause and think about the good and the joy in our lives?

Today – and reflecting on the past week(s) – I’m thankful for:

  • Family bike rides to ‘secret parks’. (Funny story: On our way home through the neighborhood, one family out in their driveway stopped to watch us go by and counted how many we were and exclaimed to each other – “Hey look, it’s a family of 6! A family of 6!” As if we were some endangered species or something…)
  • A wonderful birthday – God is good and has blessed me abundantly throughout these 31 years. I’m thankful for all my family and friends who made it a special day for me. Thank you! (Especially the Tres Leches Cake my mom made for me!)
  • Finally fixing and repainting our little garage entry-way room! (After 5 shameful years)
  • That I finally got off my lazy chair, away from the computer, or my Kindle, or my phone, and MOPPED the kitchen & family room floors (and vacuumed the other rooms’ carpets)! You know it’s time to mop your floors when your baby’s knees and feet turn black after crawling around on them. (more shamefulness…)
  • A husband who is SUPER great at cleaning windows – it’s amazing how much cleaner he makes them. Not to mention how great of a daddy he is.
  • And a husband who goes out of his way to research and buy me practical birthday gifts. 🙂
  • The good…er…better…times with the three-year-old – reading books together at the library and at home; spotting ant hills, caterpillars, butterflies, etc on a stroll through the park; doing ‘preschool’ with him and some other friends once a week; watching him use his own imagination; watching him and the baby play (uninterrupted) together; mopping the floors together (he helped spray the water and I mopped..yes it took longer this way but oh well, he enjoyed being helpful and it kept him out of trouble.
  • The 6 year-old still loves school and is doing well with the after-school homework for the most part. I love how excited he gets about the smallest things. He helped decorate for my birthday party by making several stencil art decorations. I also love how excited he gets to help me cook and to eat what I cook. Almost every time at dinner he says, “Mama, I LOOOVVVEEE your food you make us!” A boy after my own heart. 🙂
  • The baby/one-year-old – not a day goes by I’m not thankful he came along. I know to some, 4 kids sounds like a lot, but I can’t imagine life without him. I love his snuggly hugs, his shy smiles, the way he points and waves and tries to clap, his contagious laugh…He’s just great. I’m also thankful that he still nurses – gives me a good excuse to sit down and rest a bit throughout the day.
  • The 9 year-old girl – so thankful for my girl! She also helped decorate and prepare the dinner/dessert for my birthday and made me a huge “Happy Birthday” poster. This evening a friend/neighbor asked her to go on a bike ride around the neighborhood and I was tired/busy but didn’t want to say no – she’s a likeable girl but it seems that she doesn’t get a whole lot of personal invites (outside of the group birthday parties) so I didn’t want to miss this chance for her. I rode around with them (from a distance) since we haven’t let her go around the neighborhood solo yet. It was fun watching her…though also a little bittersweet to see her growing up so fast. I could tell it brought her a lot of joy which, in turn, filled my heart with joy for her. 
  • Good friends who support each other literally and spiritually. It’s a beautiful thing when you can sit down together with close friends and share your personal prayer intentions, shed a few tears, laugh a little, and then go home feeling comforted and strengthened to continue pushing on.

Hoping everyone’s days are filled with many blessings and thanksgivings!


Thankful Thursday August 15

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my savior. For he has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness; behold, from now on will all ages call me blessed. The Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is his name.” (Luke 1: 46 – 49)

Great things indeed:

  • A relaxing and joyful summer vacation with my beautiful children.
  • A GOOD ‘last’ day (before school) together.
  • Making a cool hair-do with my daughter’s hair.

Found this idea on Pinterest but there is no specific link for it.

  • Reading in the hammock with my babes.
  • The cool fall summer breeze as we rocked and read together.
  • A little walk – alone and then with my children on a wonderful ‘cool’ day.
  • A family nature walk over the weekend.
  • Fellowship with beautiful, wise, generous women and their children.
  • A great zoo trip and fun at the park with friends during the brief respite in the “Summer of a Thousand Rains”. 
  • Sweet smiles from godchildren.
  • The sound of a summer thunderstorm.
  • A new dishwasher! 
  • very, very good first year with our little baby! (Celebrating first b-day tomorrow!) I am so, so, so, so, x infinity thankful for him.
  • So glad I am NOT anxiously still waiting for him to be born the night before school starts!!!!! (Praying for any mamas who are waiting to meet their babies.)
  • Mary – my Mother, my friend, my sister, my Queen.
  • I’m especially thankful for the freedom I have to safely walk down the street in pants and a t-shirt with only my hair as my cover, and to go to my Catholic Church and worship, and to live out my Catholic Christian Faith. (Praying deeply for my Christian brothers and sisters who are greatly suffering right now and are truly enduring “persecution in His Name.)
  • My little garden (zucchini, cucumbers, and some wild flowers).


Thankful Thursday August 8

“A grateful heart silences a complaining voice.” Bishop Emeritus Eugene Gerber

This week, I’m thankful for all these things that bring me so much JOY and silence my complaints:

  • Rain, rain, rain!
  • No flooding in our house. {Though I’m praying for those who are dealing with this.}
  • Lots of rain = a luscious garden! I’ve never seen our yard and all the flowers so alive in the middle of summer! Feels more like Spring again.
  • Umbrellas, windshield wipers.
  • Puddles.
  • Daily Mass.
  • Christ present here with us in the Eucharist.
  • GRACE.
  • Praying together with my children and husband.
  • Talking about God and life and other deep things with our daughter.
  • Watching Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism DVD series with my husband and talking about it afterwards.
  • Falling deeper in love with our Faith together.
  • My mom and her amazing wisdom and generous heart that brings us yummy treats and comes along to help me pick out a new dishwasher. (In other words – keep an eye on the kids so I can pay attention and make a decision!)
  • A good home warranty company that’s helping cover the cost of a new dishwasher after ours went kaput.
  • My helpful little (and big!) interim “dishwashers”.
  • Prayers answered for a friend’s lost wedding ring.
  • “Brain exercises” and “story-time” with kids. (gotta get them back in shape before school!)
  • Baby Laughs
  • Our sweet 3-year-old’s voice. (The last “no many” one is the cutest)
  • Our six-year-old’s enthusiasm for my cooking!
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