Easy Healthy Snack for a Fall Party

Food / Monday, October 31st, 2011

Back when school started I signed up to bring a healthy snack for the “Fall Party” for my daughter’s classroom today. Thankfully a received a reminder call about it last week but couldn’t think of anything creative to do! So I asked my friend and healthy-food expert for any ideas. (If you want to learn how to eat healthier, check out her baby steps series going on now!) Immediately she suggested using mandarins or clementines or oranges and stick in cloves to make them be mini pumpkins! Brilliant!

I didn’t have any garlic cloves but I did have a black marker. That worked for about 8 of them but then the marker stopped working. So then I used raw honey to stick on some raisins and then I put pieces of lettuce on the top and they were very cute. I even made enough to bring to my son’s preschool class (though I didn’t sign-up for that one). Unfortunately the eyes (raisins) didn’t stick on very long and the lettuce wilted before the party so that was a bummer but oh well, it was a great idea. Here’s a pic of the blackmarker one. Save this in your files for next year when you ambitiously sign up to bring healthy treats to your child’s Fall party!

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