Chicken Panini w Cilantro Mayo Slow Cooker Recipe

Food / Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

About a month or so ago I picked up this Better Homes & Gardens magazine with 145 Healthy slow cooker recipes since there were actually recipes for real people with mouth-watering pictures and close to zero ads! I didn’t notice it at the time but these slow cooker recipes are specifically designed for diabetics so the recipes are definitely healthier and don’t call for too much sugar, which is good whether you are diabetic or not [yet]. Some of the recipes have been a little involving but it’s been nice to offer something different to the family (and me!). Using the crockpot has also really helped cut down on some of the crazy pre-dinner chaos and anything that can help with that is well worth the extra effort in the morning.

This magazine has helped me get out of the icky 1st trimester/early 2nd trimester blah stage. I go through the magazine each week and make a menu for the week and a shopping list. I have done menus and shopping lists for a whole month in the past but lately it seems I can only take one week (or day!) at a time.

Today I’ll share the pictures for the Chicken Panini with Cilantro Mayonnaise.

I can’t share the recipe entirely but it’s on page 85 of this issue . I could only find this similar one on their website, which looks yummy too so I’ll have to try that soon. Basically for the Chicken Panini w Cilantro Mayo, you need shredded chicken, basil leaves, some fresh-cut pineapple (mmmmmm!) and some bread. I made some of my basic focaccia bread and put asiago cheese and coarse sea salt on the top before baking. I liked the idea of this recipe a lot but it didn’t turn out exactly as I thought. I didn’t have the exact ingredients needed for the cilantro mayonnaise and my experimental substitute didn’t quite do the job and it was a bit overpowering. Next time I might put less pineapple and use a milder sauce (or just plain mayo).

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