Raspberry Rainbow Sherbet Punch {kid safe}

Beverage, Food, Tasty Tuesday / Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

I was recently asked to bring drinks for my son’s music program reception. I looked up several punch recipe ideas and found a couple I liked. I thought I’d pinned them but now can’t find them anywhere! It wasn’t too hard though so I was able to remember what I did – hopefully I’m not forgetting anything.

This is a fun and easy sherbet punch with a raspberry lemonade twist. It’s perfect for kids’ parties or any gathering – kids or no kids!


2 Cartons Rainbow Sherbet

2 cans Frozen Raspberry Pink Lemonade (found in my grocery’s frozen drink concentrate section)

1 or 2 (2 liters) bottles fizzy drink of your choice (I used a Lime flavored Carbonated Water similar to Sprite)

{Water – optional and to taste}

How to Make:

1. Open the 2 cans frozen Raspberry Pink Lemonade and mash it all up in your punch bowl.

2. Start with 1 bottle of Fizzy drink (you can add more later if desired) and pour that into your punch bowl, mixing well with the frozen Raspberry Pink Lemonade.

3. After that is all mixed, decide if you’d like to add more Fizzy drink or water and go ahead and do that now if so.

4. Using an ice cream scoop, add the Rainbow Sherbet ice cream into the mix until you have as much as you’d like. For this gathering I did use all the 2 cartons and 2 liters of the fizzy drink.

5. Stick a ladle in and serve immediately so the Sherbet doesn’t melt!

6. Drink and enjoy!

{Note: Prep times vary according to number of children hanging from your legs or demanding your immediate attention}




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