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5 Favorites, Random / Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

So now that I’ve joined the “Smartphone” club, I thought I’d finally join in Hallie Lord’s (Moxie Wife) 5 Favorites Wednesday and share 5 of my favorite apps:

~1 ~

Laudate – #1 Free Catholic App – I really love this one. I like to listen to the Daily Readings Podcast from USCCB.org and the Daily Meditations by Pope {Emeritus} Benedict XVI (I can’t wait for them to update it with ones from Pope Francis, too!) I can also read morning and evening prayers there, the Bible and the Catechism and select Vatican Documents and so, so much more! It’s the best Catholic app (that I know of).

~2 ~

Evernote – AWESOME. This is a list-maker’s dream come true! You can sync your notes between all devices – smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Even if you only have a desktop/laptop you’ll like this note-keeping tool. You can make new notes, attach docs, save pics, and even make voice notes – which comes in handy a lot when I’m experimenting with a new recipe or trying to catch a cute (audio) moment with one of the kids. I keep my menu and shopping list here so it’s handy when I go shopping and I don’t have to worry that I’ll lose the paper or that it will get eaten or colored on by any small child.

~ 3 ~

Feedly – Yeah, I don’t really miss Google Reader. Bloglovin is ok but I like the Feedly app better (sorry Bloglovin’, it’s nothing personal!)

~ 4 ~

WordPress App – My mind is a constant stream of thought. Aside from the Evernote app, this WordPress app is very helpful; I can write out my blog posts as I’m putting the baby to sleep or am waiting somewhere and don’t have a book (or baby) to keep me occupied. The only problem is that if I start a new post on the app and forget to set it to Draft, it publishes the post when I’m not done or ready, as you’ve probably noticed a few times. I wonder if there is a way to make it start out as a”draft” as a default setting?

~ 5 ~ 

Free Alarm Clock App – Several options to help you actually wake up including having to solve math problems before the alarms will turn off! By the time I figure out that 2 + 2 = 4 and not 3 or 5 (or whatever else I groggily type in), I’m awake and ready to get up. (The only downside is it does sometimes wake the baby up but if I don’t do this I fall back asleep with him and then wake up with 10 minutes to get up, get ready, and get the kids to school! No fun.)

What about you, any favorite apps or other fun favorites to share?

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