Thankful Thursday August 1

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After 7 seven days of blogging last week, my brain got a little frazzled. I almost decided to do a 7 days of NO blogging but what can I say? I’m a blogging addict and can’t stay away that long. πŸ˜‰ My brain’s still resting so I’ll do another simple Thankful Thursday like last week.

This week, I’m thankful for all these things that bring me so much JOY:

  • My mom’s life – it’s her birthday today!
  • My dad and her meeting and marrying each other 35 years ago today!
  • Growing up in family with two parents who love each other and have been loyal and faithful to each other through the good and the not so good. πŸ˜‰
  • My three brothers and sister – the best gift my parents have ever given me after their love.
  • Knowledge of Jesus and the Catholic Faith my parents introduced me to and raised me up with – ok maybe this is also a ‘best gift’ they gave me.
  • A mostly stress-free family dinner out together.
  • Delicious Italian food -mmmm Alfredo! (I wish I could have eaten more bread sticks!)
  • Much needed de-stressing time with friends.
  • My husband who helps me ‘take a break’ and re-energize.
  • Watching a good movie together.
  • My daughter and older sons who help me so much with the baby – I’m going to miss them when they are at school!
  • Catching-up with an old childhood friend and her son.
  • Mass!
  • Playing at a ‘new’ playground in the shade of trees on an unusually cool summer morning with my kids.
  • Watching the baby play in the sand – and not eating it!
  • His first baby shoes – that didn’t stay on very long but made him look so cute and also like such a big boy!
  • Serving God through serving others with my family – JOY.

Picture treasures from my phone:

Playing in sand with the baby: 

I love looking up and seeing sunlight coming through trees:

2 Replies to “Thankful Thursday August 1”

  1. This is really beautiful. Maybe I need to do one of these sometimes….it’s so easy to focus on what I “want”….instead of what I already have, which is deep and beautiful.

    1. It’s been very helpful, especially after long days when it’s hard to see the roses through all the bumblebees and thorns attacking me. πŸ˜‰ And it’s quick. πŸ™‚

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