Chicken Marsala

Chicken, Dinner, Food, Tasty Tuesday / Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Chicken Marsala

Juicy, tangy, succulent. Those words are synonymous with  Chicken Marsala. 

Cooking chicken – in an edible fashion – is by far not my specialty. Not even close. We’re more “beef” eaters than chicken, partly because of how poorly I can cook chicken. But I’m trying and making toddler strides. {P.S. I found the better picture and added it to the Loaded Baked Potato Casserole {chicken or beef} post from last week that does the recipe a much better testimony to its deliciousness.}

This Chicken Marsala was more like a giant toddler leap for me. My husband really liked it as well. And I will pretend he said that before finishing off a glass of “leftover” Marsala. 😉 I’m pretty sure the alcohol cooks off during cooking. The kids were acting very strange and hyper and laughing a lot for no reason afterwards though…?

My main challenge is getting the chicken to have a taste and not be so dry. One thing I’ve discovered that is essential for this is marinating. If I don’t marinate the chicken at least a few hours ahead (preferably overnight) I may as well not bother cooking it or it’ll taste like soggy paper. And no amount of sauce or ketchup makes soggy paper taste good.

I’ve been marinating chicken in store-bought Zesty Italian dressing. It works well but I’d rather find a good recipe of my own so I can save our money and our digestive tract. Any good “Zesty Italian” dressing or other chicken marinade ideas out there? 

Anyway, so I marinated the chicken the morning of and then followed Closet Cooking’s  Chicken Marsala recipe I found on Pinterest, as usual. Try it out sometime, and if you don’t like it, you can at least enjoy the wine!

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