5 Favorites {DIY Baby Halloween Costumes}

5 Favorites, babies / Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Joining in Mrs. Moxie Wif’e’s 5 Favorites again with 5 favorite DIY Baby Halloween Costume ideas from Pinterest. 

~ 1 ~

What’s goes together better than  milk and cookies? The only problem with this is that I’d want to eat my baby. I find it amusingly appropriate that the mom is wearing the milk. 

~ 2 ~

Who stole the baby?

This is so easy even I could pull this off. And no one would know who I am!

~ 3 ~

I wish I would have thought of this baby in the baby carrier  popcorn and mom  costume last year when our baby actually stayed in the carrier for a longer length of time. This reminds me of when we were trick-or-treating last year, a kid asked me if there was a dog in my baby carrier. True story. 

~ 4 ~ 

It doesn’t get any easier than Mummy’s baby or this. My boys are dressing up as mummies this year so maybe the toddler would like to join them. Then I could be the Mummies Mummy. Ha. Ha. Ha.

~ 5 ~

Baby Football and Big Brother. Too adorable. Again, I wish I’d thought of this last year when our little “toddler” was smaller. Although, I’d be afraid his older brothers might try and really play football with him…

~ Bonus because it’s too cute to not share ~ 

 Subway baby. Doesn’t she look so scrumptious?


6 Replies to “5 Favorites {DIY Baby Halloween Costumes}”

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting! I’ve started using Pinterest more for ideas than Google sometimes. I just have to work hard to stay focused on what I came there for and not to get too sucked in!

  1. that subway sandwich is too funny! When my son was a baby I bought a peapod costume for him, and then put him in a stockpot (with a blanket lol) and carried him around. It sounds silly, but it was really cute.

    1. How exciting! Or maybe you could look for a few pregnant mama costume ideas in case your baby decides to ignore the ‘due date’. 😉 Silly due dates, huh?
      I’ll keep you in my prayers, Anna, as you wait to meet your little one!

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