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5 Favorites, Astronomy, Photography / Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

It’s been way too long since I’ve shared my awesome husband’s space pictures here. And since another faithful reader responded (indirectly on his blog) to my question about what readers want to see more of, I am happily obliging to his request for more awesome space pictures.  Here are 5 of his most recent shots that I love (click to see them bigger and read more info):

Comet ISON - 35min - 17frames - ISO800-1600 - DSS nucleus

1. Comet ISON – we and many others were disappointed ISON didn’t survive his trip around the sun. It would have been a beautiful sight! My husband managed to get a good shot of it before it disintegrated.

Comet Lovejoy - 7 frames - 22min - ISO800-1600 - DSS nucleus-1-3

2. While ISON stole the show for a while, many may not have known about  Comet Lovejoy –

ISS - Stack of 25 - 2x-1-1

3. International Space Station – have you ever looked up in the evening/night sky and seen what looks like a star moving across the sky? If it’s not a satellite, you may have seen the ISS! It’s pretty awesome thinking there are people up there orbiting around us every day! Here is a schedule for the ISS if you want to try and spot it.

M16 - 35.7min - 4 frames - ISO800-1600

4. Eagle Nebula (M16) – Nebulas are so pretty. To me, they look like jello frozen in space. 🙂

M31 - 200mm - 45.5min - 3 frames - ISO800

5. Andromeda (M31) – Out of all the galaxies (that I know of), this one is my favorite. Isn’t she just beautiful? If we had had a baby girl last time, I really wanted to name her Andromeda. I know, I’m such a heathen. 

That’s all for today, which of these is YOUR favorite?


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4 Replies to “5 Favorite Space Pictures”

  1. These are excellent. I’ve said it before, but let me put it in writing. What an awesome and noble hobby your husband has. It is hard to think of a cooler hobby. I think your kids are lucky to have a dad that will pass on this knowledge to him. I think my numbering of them would be in the reverse order of how you put them. They just kept getting better, with number 5 being my favorite. But Andromeda as a girl’s name? No comment.

    Have you seen Gravity yet? Number 3 reminded me of that. The isolation.
    Joel recently blogged…Favorite Places: That One Warm Spot between the Bricks and the Wood Stove My Profile

  2. Joel, thank you so much for your kind words about my husband and his cool hobby. Out of all the hobbies he could have I am so glad he’s chosen this one. I think it’s pretty neat thinking about how much our kids will grow up knowing about space and the stars and planets – they already know much more than I ever did at their ages (or even now). I tend to number things saving the best for last but when I did this post I almost put Andromeda at the top but wanted to end with her awesomeness instead.
    Yes on Gravity, I thought about Steve’s pictures a lot while we watched the movie.
    And yeah, no one seems to share my love for the Andromeda name…I just don’t understand why not?! 😉

    1. Melanie, hello! Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m like any woman and can never decide so it helps to know what others think. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t let you comment on the other, I have to approve new commenters maybe that is why?

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