The Great American Total Solar Eclipse! {With Pictures}

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Alrighty, now for number three on my list of 7 Things I Want to Write and Share. (What?I never said I’d go in order.) Wayyy back in 2012, my husband, his parents, I and our kids stood in wheat field observing a partial solar eclipse. On our way home, my husband told us we’d get a […]

September 11, 2017

Super Blood Moon Adventure {Pictures!}

Astronomy, Family, Photography, Random

This past Sunday our family went out to the country to watch the moon turn red as the earth’s shadow eclipsed it. We ate an early dinner, had everyone shower, brush teeth, make lunches and get school stuff ready for the next day. We grabbed our sleeping bags, pillows, and made sure everyone used the […]

September 29, 2015

Comet Lovejoy {Wordless Wednesday}

Astronomy, Photography

  Today’s Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by Comet Lovejoy photographs by my awesome husband. See his photostream for more pictures that are “out of this world”.    

January 21, 2015

32 Stunning Space & Nature Photos {Wordless Wednesday}

Astronomy, Nature, Photography

Many of you may know my awesome husband for his awesome astrophotography – a.k.a awesome space pictures. However, you may not be as familiar with some of his other cool photos of majestic clouds, electrifying storms, serendipitous wheatfields, and cute cuddly – or not so cuddy – zoo animals. You also may not see much […]

November 12, 2014

October’s Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Pictures

Astronomy, Photography

Early this morning, my husband woke me up around 4:45 a.m. to tell me the skies were clear and he was going out to capture some pictures of the Lunar Eclipse, a.k.a., the “Blood Moon”. I groggily got out of bed and peered through our bedroom window’s curtains to see the moon drifting through the […]

October 8, 2014