Advent Songs of Hope {#WorthRevisit}

Advent, faith, Music / Thursday, December 18th, 2014

{Today I’m sharing part of my Advent Songs of Hope post from last year for Allison Gingras’s Reconciled To You #WorthRevisit link-up. I changed the playlist’s title from Advent 2013 to just Advent and I’ve added/taken out some of the songs from last year but it’s still mostly the same beautiful songs of Hope and Promise as we await the celebration of our Savior’s birth! I also added my favorites at the end.}

Advent Musics of Hope

I love music. I can’t tell you the names of many artists or the names of their songs or when they wrote them and what number on the billboard their songs reached. I probably couldn’t even tell you the name of my favorite song. I could hum it for you but it wouldn’t sound the same to you as it does in my head. But I love music nonetheless.

There are some songs that cut right through my flesh and penetrate right into the depths of my soul.

It’s really amazing how powerful music is. I can be in the middle of an incredibly horribly awful mood and then I’ll turn on some music and instantly the storm cloud fizzles and I’m uplifted to a better place. (And then I wonder why I didn’t turn it on sooner.)

Music calms me, strengthens me, guides me, inspires me, soothes me, energizes me. It speaks to me and makes my soul dance.

For every situation in life, there’s a perfect song to go along. Music isn’t just another form of entertainment – not good music anyway. Real, true music is beauty in song form. It’s genius.

I know we only have 8 days left of Advent (!) but I finally put together my own Advent playlist. (Although I keep changing and adding to it as I find new songs.) I love listening to it while making dinner or while cleaning-up. The songs I found fill my heart with HOPE. Real hope. Hope of a promise of a Messiah, a Savior, an ANSWER. Mercy, forgiveness, redemption. The fulfillment of a long-awaited promise. A promise of hope and an answer that all this – our lives, our struggles, joys, sufferings – that it is all worth it…that there is a reason.

Here is the link to my Spotify’s Advent 2013 playlist so you may also be filled with songs of Hope and Promise.

My Three Favorites from this playlist are:

Go light Your World I once heard this song sung in highschool by a friend who really inspired me my faith during that time of life. She played the guitar and had a beautiful voice. No singer has sung it quite as beautifully as Susanna did that day but I’ve never forgotten that song. This is the one song I’d love sung at my funeral, well that and For the Beauty of the Earth. (Sorry if that’s strange that I think about songs to be sung at my funeral. )

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus by Robbie Seay Band – I love the upbeat rhythm of this song and of course the words are perfect for this season.

Wonder by Marian Grace – I love her smooth voice, it penetrates the darkness and brings light into silence. If you aren’t familiar with Marian Grace I highly recommend you become acquainted with their beautiful music.

Runner Up: Only Hope by Mandy Moore Yes this is the song from the movie, A Walk to Remember , which is one of my all-time favorite sappy love story movies. Though this song isn’t specifically “Advent/Christmas” or even particularly religious I think the words are perfect for Advent as we prepare to open our hearts to be His.

What are some of your favorite Advent songs?

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