Filet Mignon

Food / Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Please excuse the interruption in the Tuesday Summer Salad Series but I haven’t made it to the store to make the next salad yet and I also had to share my recent success:

Thanks to my facebook friends for the recipe tips! As I said there, my husband really loves Filet Mignon and orders this whenever he can (i.e. when he’s not paying) when dining out. I’ve always wanted to try cooking some for him but felt very intimidated. So when I picked up my month’s worth of high-quality local grass-fed beef at the local Farmer’s Market I decided to order a cut of the rare and delicate filet mignon and take a stab at it once and for all.

Everyone I asked suggested simply salt and pepper and maybe some bacon and “for pete’s sake don’t overcook it.” This surprised me and I was glad I asked or I would have assumed to cook it longer or even in the crock pot. So I took a deep breath, hid the kids somewhere (with daddy), and heated up some butter in a pan on the stove. I checked out some recommendations for heating times here. I think I ended up cooking it about 5-7 minutes on one side and then another 10 or so on the other and then a maybe 1-3 more again on the other side. Oh I also put a little “rostershire” (as my daughter calls it) sauce with the salt and pepper since I didn’t have bacon.

I carefully placed it onto our plates and served it with some mashed potatoes and gravy I’d made from roast beef drippings the day before. I watched my husband stick his fork into it (it just slide right in) and then waited as he chewed……his eyes enlarged and the corner of his mouth curled up and I could tell it was a success. I almost cried when I tried the first bite–it was tender and juicy and mmmm sooo good. I couldn’t believe I had made it! There was a only a little part that was a little too underdone but other than that it was pretty close to perfect. My husband even commented that something like that would probably cost close to $100 in a really nice fancy restaurant. I told him he could have his for free this first time.

I’ll return to the Summer Salad Series next week with a Waldorf Chicken Salad!


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