Guest Bathroom Renovation!

Around the House

The guest bathroom remodel is complete! (except for additional decorative accessories that I’ll add over time) Sadly, I didn’t get to take any good “before” pictures but here are these two again from when the kids helped tear down the wallpaper. The wallpaper wasn’t so terrible but once it was gone the bathroom seemed much […]

October 1, 2013

Easy Flank Steak Dinner

Beef, Food

Like steak but don’t have a grill? Try this Quick and Easy Pan-Fried Flank Steak. My husband actually requests that I make this. Yeah, it’s that good.  {I used paprika and pepper instead of mustard and I asked the butcher to pre-slice the steak into “fajita-thin strips”.} Like it? Share it!

September 24, 2013