I LOVE quesadillas. They’re easy, they’re delicious, they can be nutritious. When I’m making a lot I sometimes use my Santa Fe QM2R 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker. But I always feel like I’m cheating when I do that so prefer the old fashioned stove method. So here’s a pictorial tutorial of how I make mine. 1. I […]

July 6, 2010

Little House books!

Learning Together

A few year ago my daughter and I fell in love with Laura and Mary and all their pioneer-day adventures. I bought her the first book, Little House in the Big Woods a couple years ago and hoped to eventually have the whole collection. Yesterday our neighborhood was full of garage sales but a book […]

June 19, 2010

Swiss Mushroom Burger Meatloaf


My husband loves swiss mushroom burgers. I wanted to make a cheesburger meatloaf but didn’t have the recipe. So when I was looking around for one another idea struck me. It was incredibly delicious and so I had to share it. Recipe: 2 lbs Ground Beef 3/4 cup Bread Crumbs 2 TB powder onion 2 […]

June 15, 2010

Jesus. Mary. Peace.


Immaculate Mary your praises we sing! Yesterday, the Church focused in a special way on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today we reflect on the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In these hearts, I have found refuge, consolation, and peace. My own heart bursts with love for them. As a woman, a wife, and a mother, […]

June 12, 2010

what summer is made of


After my last post about summer plans and after a great comment by Debi, I decided to write out our ‘plans’ with key words. I did go through my calendar and marked certain dates I’d like to do for sure and then will print out this word jumble and stick it on my fridge for […]

May 31, 2010